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Bewildered Turtle

Where have I been?

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For the past many months, I have been receiving messages asking where I was, why haven't I posted, why haven't I participated much on the forum. And I really appreciate the concern and it is flattering that people on here actually think of me.

So where have I been?

I was last seen briefly at Bella's Birthday Bash in November. I wanted to see the ones I care most about and to just hug who I could. So I drove an hour in a half to get hugs. I tried to stay as long as I could but I had to leave soon later.

Before that, I left Louisville Kentucky to Troy Ohio, staying with friends for a couple months to try and find my place in Ohio. I wasn't very happy in Kentucky so I just needed to find a place where I would be. I ended up getting transfered with my job to another local store. Which was slightly convenient.

Later, I became more active with a local BDSM group with my boyfriend, Darkhand. My life then turned fairly occupied. If it wasn't work, it was helping with teaching classes, volunteering to set up the dungeon for play parties, seeing Darkhand as much as I could, dungeon monitoring parties, organizing in the groups,etc...etc....

And then soon after that, came the holidays. I went home to Virginia, even though I could not afford it I had to. My mother wasn't even going to decorate for Christmas or put up a tree if one of her babies wasn't home. So because of that I felt I was obligated to my mother to make her holiday somewhat special.

Next I saved as much as I could to get my own shitty apartment. And guess what...I now have my own shitty apartment, since January. For the longest month of my life, I slept on an air mattress, and lived in an empty apartment. Due to the emptiness it brought on a lot of depression. My stuff is a huge part of me, it is what makes me who I am, and without it I felt lost and detached. To make me feel better Darkhand and I hosted many meetings at my place. He leads a group on fetlife called The Soulfire Society Ohio; a group that discusses and explores the connection between spirituality, sexuality and BDSM that has monthly meetings. We both also hosted a couple slosh events called Thirsty Thursdays, we're we meet with locals at a bar to just have drinks. It has proven to be very successful. At one of our sloshes we have meet an enchanting married couple. Who soon later became very important parts of our lives.

My lifestyle, our lifestyle then soon grew into infinite love, we became Polyamorous . No idea what it is? Google it. It's too much to explain. My D/s relationship with Darkhand as faded into just a loving long term relationship, which we both decided on. He now has a submissive that is able to satisfy his sadistic dark needs( remember the married couple?) And I now date a beautiful human being who has brought a lot of light and creativity to my mind and soul. We are now a Poly Group, and love one another very much. I know it all sounds very complicated, but with proper communication and contract, I haven't been happier.

So that is where I've been....

I am trying to get my way back into participating on the forum; slowly but surely. I will be attending NEST this April, I look forward to seeing familiar faces, and hugging loving bodies that I have missed so much over the months and years have passed.

Cheers and Good Fortune,


P.S. Also I am now an Aunt, first timer. My older sister, has given birth Feb. 2nd to a beautiful healthy baby girl named Elora IO. "IO" is her real middle name and also pronounced just as you see it.

P.S.S. And I did eventually retrieve my furniture and belongings.
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    It's good to know that you are doing well Tortuga Life can get busy and time flies but I am sure you will jump right back into the forum when the time is right!

    I look forward to seeing you at NEST again and getting to know you better

    Also congrats on being a first time Aunt! I first became an aunt back in 2009 with the birth of my niece, Grace. It is a wonderful thing and only gets better as they get older !
    Way to go hon! Glad to see things are heading in a good direction for you. We miss you tons, but are happy for the good things that happen for you....

    Congrats on being an aunt! And here's to things staying positive for you!
    Cassi, as long as I have known you it seems you have been searching for that center...and it seems you have found it. I over the years have watched you grow into a wonderful and caring person. I am very happy that you have found what you had been searching for. I wish for your continued love, life and happiness in all you do.