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Could the end of the world be near?

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So, the end of the world. Are you ready? There are people that say itís going to happen this Saturday. Frankly, the way they say itís going to happen scares me. They say that there is going to be a global earthquake at 6 pm (I donít know what time zone) that will bring the believers up to Heaven. That sounds a little painful way to die. Iím praying that I go to Heaven but I donít want to go there by some house crashing down on me because of the earthquake. If thatís the way Iím going out though, I guess I will. Thatís up to God.

Now, donít get me wrong, I am not saying itís going to happen Saturday. I donít think it will. Iím just saying it could happen. Now, Iím not saying the world wonít end. Just that Iím not sure it will happen this weekend. The Bible says that no one, not Jesus, not the angels, will know of the return. Only God knows when the second coming of Christ will happen. But, itís always good to be prepared. Are you? Do you know where youíre going to go? I can only hope that God has forgiven me and takes me up to Heaven.

I hope it doesnít happen. I still have so much I want to do with my life. But itís not my place to decide.
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    If its the end of the world, its the end of the world.

    When it happens, it happens.

    Live on.
    I agree wit Tropic. I am 37. There have been 6 major predictions of this since my birth. Other minor ones as well but we do not include them. The problem is that if we continue to think about it every time someone says it is going to happen it would drive us nuts. I think the end of the world will be man made not natural. Who knows. Point is that if I were to die tomorrow I would not have to worry about those pesky school loans. I am sure next week will come. Try not to think about my friend.
    I can't say I believe that May 21st is the end. Ass you said, no one will know. If it is, I hope God has forgiven my trespasses.