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Finding myself and an awkward embarrassing moment

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Hey everyone

So I recently took a break from all things kinky as I got in a vanilla relationship. It was fine as I'm used to living without kink so was not a problem. Anyhow that didn't work out so I got back into things, attended a few local munches and ended up you going to a play event over in Hull.

Now these munches and play events are for all things kinky and not specifically tickling, but it's cool as I'm curious and have made a few new kinky friends, so mainly went to the play party to socialise and have a look at what was going on.

So anyway the play event goes well, I get talked into trying out being wrapped up to a pole and flogged lmao :P wasn't my thing before and still isn't, but was good to try it at least. I don't think I did too bad as I lasted 10 mins of being flogged all over with various tools. I would have much prefered to wrap a woman to the pole and tickle her instead, but sadly no volenteers :P

Anyway through out the night I met various play event organisers and got business type event cards from them, so stored them in my wallet for safe keeping and would check them out later to see what events I can make in the future.

I managed to get some tickling in when a friend of mine claimed her new corset was solid enough to protect her from tickles. I soon proved her wrong and had her giggling away also cheated and went for the back of her legs which she said wasn't fair :P I think she enjoyed it really, so who knows what the future holds

Anyway, fast forward to today. I'm heading out to meet a play partner and went to get a coffee for the train journey. I order my drink and get my wallet out to pay and guess what falls out all over the counter in front of like a million people? Yep you guessed it, all the kinky event cards that I forgot to remove, that sure was awkward :/ I just scooped them up, grabbed my drink and left. Never been so embarrassed!

Oh well, at leat the day gets better with me getting to play today

Tha is for reading
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    If you ever return to that coffee shop and the staff recognize you they may take the piss out of you behind your back but I doubt it.

    Similar embarrassing thing: One time I was going on a date that I knew was going to end in sex and I had a long day before that so I packed a spare pair of panties in my purse. Busy morning, in line waiting to order my coffee... I reach in my bag and un-beknownced to me, my lacy red thong got caught on my watch while I reached for and pulled out the wallet and fell onto the floor.

    There was a southern gentleman behind me who, as I was walking away patted me on the shoulder and whispered,"Mam, those just fell out of your purse..."


    Yeah, from that point onward packing of extraneous lingerie in handbags is inside zippered purse pockets...
    Oh no! I'd have been mortified!

    I will be making sure to store my events cards as soon as I get home from now on lol
    Oh dear! What you need to buy is a wallet that welds itself shut when you have events cards inside it! That way, there's no chance of them falling out and the embarrassment will be avoided
    Sorry it didn't work with your vanilla, but glad you are back in the game, gro!