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Kered's World

Six Years and other stuff.......

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Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I wandered around the forums and nice to see it is still here. So, what to write???......I've been smoke free going on six years now. Don't miss them, don't want them. Had some basel cell skin cancer sliced off my mug (nice 4 inch scar from eye to jaw) and am still working with the caustic cream to melt it off my arm. Sunscreen, Kids. Use the sunscreen!!! Oh and there was the sinus surgery that dug out a tumor, benign. That's a wonderful word "benign".

Finally got that passport so I can knock a few things off my To Do List and visit exotic places like Toronto, London, and Kentucky. These place have their own particular charms and mystique. I will get these visits done within the next couple of years. Hope I can understand the languages of these places without doing the "ugly American" thing of shouting to make them understand me because everyone know that if you shout real loud everything becomes understood...."You sellee, me buyee!!"

I'm still being very childish by eating pastries in front of embraceabl whenever possible and I've done some skype travelling with a nice TMF lady who lives in London. With ear buds and charged up cell phone where we can see and here each other it is adventure time on double decker busses. I sorta walk her home after work. And I have noticed that the people who occupy the streets in London at 1am could give the night people in Los Angeles a run for their money when it comes to strange and unusual! Oh, and the lady in London also gets to watch me eating gooey pastries too. People of the United Kingdom cuss very colorfully too! Almost musical, in fact!

So other than the above I have been completely boring. Yes, even more boring than usual. Hope everyone in the forums are doing ok. That's all I got for now.
Kered's World


    Keep us informed when you go on vacation so we can raid your tomato garden, my friend. Glad to hear your ok.