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Kered's World


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Changes changes changes...........The kid is growing too fast. Last weekend I took her to the most dreaded place I know, the large Shopping Mall Dress Boutique. Frightening place to be sure. But it was worth every frightening moment from busting past the pink haze of the entrance to her being agonizingly slow at finding "just the right one" to the home stretch where I attempt to stand straight and fight off the faint when the total was rung up. My mind was frantically screaming to my inner self until it was revealed that these damnably overpriced pieces of cloth were now 70% off..................Oh, that calmed my shit right down. But really, it isn't the ugly pink entrances to these place or even the cost. It is the time I get to spend with the Girl while she still wants to spend it with me. So far I've been lucky but I know a few years from now I'll be pushed to the side but I also know she will be gentle about it. Boyfriends will soon come and heartaches with them. She'll have new friends in Middle School and the old ones will fade to acquaintances just like happened to us oldsters. Then car dates................hmmm.

I guess I'll clean the shotgun or sharpen the machete, glaring at the boy while he waits for her to make her entrance, and hope she remembers my face and the lessons taught her to make her smart and observant and to stay out of trouble. I hope.

Changes suck.
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Kered's World


    They grow up too quick, my friend. btw: how is your health??