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Ticklish 19 Year Old Tied Up And Tickled To Exhaustion

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Quote Originally Posted by Steelbod View Post
I now have the very ticklish Destiny tied up and topless with Amo Morbia ready to help give this poor 19 year old the tickling of her life!!... She has agreed to go for the bonus money but I don't think she realized how much torture she was in for... Amo is a very good tickler and taunter while I simply used every trick I knew to tickle this cutie to complete exhaustion... We take turns tickling her feet and upper body... We tickle her armpits, ribs, waist and tummy... All with great results as she thrashes and struggles to avoid our tickling fingers... But the best reaction is when we both went after her feet... With our fingers and with the brush... She laughs hysterically!!... But what tickled even more was when I used my tongue and licked and sucked her toes... The lickling put her into absolute breathless laughter and she gasped for us to stop... This little hottie gets a tickling that she will never forget!!... That's what she gets for being so cute!!

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Mindless Tickle Slaves
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