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Midnight, the stars and... me.

I dreamed about attending a gathering. LOL.

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It was the weirdest thing ever. I've been thinking and thinking if I should actually try and attend one. I always decide not to go not because of the distance, but for the fact that I feel that, even though those events are attended by like-minded people, everyone already has their own group of friends, inside jokes, stories, etc, and I think it would be totally awkward... kinda like the first day at a new school right in the middle of the scholar year (which I've always sucked at).

Anyway, the funny thing is that -and let me tell the dream now that is fresh and I can still remember details- there was actually a test, YES a TEST, like HUGE open answers test in order to attend. I remember the test took place at the social room of my old church (where I haven't been in AGES), and there were many of the most well-known veteran members who were 'supervising' these tests. I could see many members I don't even know or haven't even talked to, I mean, I don't even know if they look like THAT, and I thought it was hilarious that we had to take a test in order to go.

I don't remember many of the questions, but I do know they were not tickling related (I know, right?). I do remember some of the questions were kinda interview like "How would you manage a situation where whatever blah blah blah" and I was like: what the hell?!

Then -and I'm gonna say it but I ain't gonna say this girl's name- one of the most attractive girls I've seen in pictures (I don't even talk to her) talked to me and said: "It'll be okay, we've all been through this" and I was like: seriously?! and then we started talking, and I forgot about the test completely because we were too busy chatting and taking selfies. YES we were taking SELFIES.

I realized how time went by when people started handing their exams and I haven't finished. I opened the test and it had like 20 pages on both sides! I said NO WAY, maybe next year, and kept talking to this girl and she started introducing me to people.

I totally woke up looking for the selfies on my phone LOL. And I'm still unsure about attending a gathering, but this was DEFINITELY a signal, wasn't it?

el ou bi i