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Midnight, the stars and... me.

*SPOILERS* The Beauty and the Beast remake

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Okay, so first of all I must say that I was really against the remake in the first place.

I am against all remakes in general! My blunt opinion is that remakes are a result of the lack of creativity the movie industry is going through nowadays and it is also a strategy to make big bucks out of people's nostalgia. They did it with the Jungle Book, they did it with Cinderella, shit they even did it to Evil Dead and other bunch of horror classics! And you'll wonder:

"Well, if you hate remakes that much, then why do you watch them at all you stupid little sh..."

WELL MY DEARS, because I am a movie masochist... and also because I love to discuss movie plots, scripts and other elements that make movie a good movie. And more important: I love trashing trash movies. It's a hobby.

Anyway, I'll just jump right into the topic now. So, there is no doubt I was expecting a total fail out of this one... Moreover, I didn't even plan to watch it at all! But at least down here all auditoriums are showing it and to be honest there was literally anything else (good) to watch. So I purchased my VIP room tickets and took my mom with me and sat through the whole thing.

The first thing I thought was: Ugh, too much computer animation; but I'll give them that, it must be hard to adapt all the elements of that time without some help and they kind of nailed it. I will try not to spoil that much for those who haven't seen it- since it is slightly different from the animated version- but the opening scene and the way they did a more detailed explanation on what actually happened (according to the new script adaptation, of course) gave the movie much more sense.

I particularly loved all those little Queen Marie Antoinette details you know? Golden accents, tulles, wigs, ample dresses, men with makeup and THE CLAVICHORD. Oh my god, that was such great detail, they actually adapted to the music and instruments of that time. By this I was really impressed and thought: "Alright, this doesn't seem so bad..."

Hermione, (I'm sorry, Emma Watson), recreates a slightly changed version of "Little Town" and well yay, she tried. "A" for effort, that's all I'll say about her performance, because there are so many other things to pay attention to than her.

I was a bit disappointed that they changed Maurice's (Belle's dad) profession, but they did a pretty assertive change. Seems like all dreamers of France during those days were interested in being artists of some kind, so I'll give them that.

Gaston and LeFou make an exceptional pair, where LeFou steals Gaston's thunder. Despite all the negativity towards LeFou's new perks, Disney pulls it off OK. I mean yeah it is quite stereotyped ya know? The very feminine, lady-mannered gay type but you gotta remember: it's Disney. So yay for Disney for trying to portrait more variety in its stories, I guess. Let's hope they just water down all the stereotypes for the next movie and come up with something more original.

The characters of the castle are not as funny as they were in the animated movie, but this is basically because they're not, well, cartoons. I think they tried to give them a more human personality; well of course, after all they're humans trapped in object forms. Lumiere was definitely the best because of course Ewan McGregor is da shit, although his french accent sounded a bit silly and you can still hear the Scottish underneath it, but that was the whole intention. Be our Guest is by far the best scene and song of the movie. Yes, waaaaay better than Tale as Old as time (or the Beauty and the Beast main theme).

The movie made me tear up several times and I am not ashamed to admit that,-probably because I'm quite hormonal- but also because they did such a good job it gave me goosebumps. When they revealed the background of Belle's mom and their tragic life in the old, filthy, stinky, plague-infested Paris of the XVIII century, I was so moved I couldn't help but cry.

And I kept weeping during several scenes because I was not expecting to enjoy the movie at all. Those were happy tears because they didn't ruin one of the most precious memories of my childhood, when I used to sit waaaaay too close to the TV watching the animated movie in English because there was no Spanish dubbed version at the time. I had no idea what was going on and I kinda made a story of my own but I remembered some of the dialogues and now they make sense to me, they make more sense to me. Of course I watched the animated movie after I learned English, but still... it was different with this one.

Anyway, I think that's pretty much what I gotta say about the movie. I am not really expecting it to be nominated for anything bigger then visual effects, costume design, makeup and hairstyling, cinematography... OH, THE MUSIC! You gotta give that music some love! It is beautiful, amazing, thrilling, soooo damn moving... definitely the best element of the movie besides cinematography... Don't even listen to the Ariana Grande and Legend's song, just go ahead and stream the song performed by Emma Thomson.

Alright now, that's all I got for now. If I think of something I would update this entry but I think I covered most of the aspects I enjoyed. I'll give it a 9/10. Good job, Disney! Thank you for not messing this up with Helena
Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp.

If someone actually read this:

- Did you like the movie?
- What are your thoughts on remakes?
- What movie would you like to see re-made?
- Is Cate Blanchett a good actress or is she just tall? (Who am I kidding she's great)

Happy Monday, dearies.

PS. I know Cate Blanchett is not on the movie
PS 2. That beast! Rawr!
PS 3. I also fell in love with a Beast and nobody made a movie about it!

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