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Size 8 feet...

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Today (9/17/2018) Lori and I are in the office, alone. We are talking about our weekend. I keep glancing at her feet thinking about how I'm going to ask Lori about her what size are her feet.
"Those new shoes?" I blurted out.
"No. They're old. I'm trying to find some new ones." Lori replies.
"What's your shoe size?" I ask.
"8-8.5" Lori answers.
I look at the clock, go and clock in for the day.
"Yes!!! I now know the size of Lori's feet!!!" I say in my head.

It's just so damn awesome knowing that Lori is very ticklish and she can not stand to have her feet tickled. Every time I see Lori, in my head I scream, "YOU'RE TICKLISH!!! YOU'RE VERY TICKLISH!!!"
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    That is indeed, very useful information to possess, Ovda!
    On the rack milady