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Ticklish Lori

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Nov. 18, 2018

Been thinking how to trick Lori to talk about her tickle spots, again. Figured it out & put it into action.

Lori, Teresa & myself are the only ones in the office.
"What are your plans for the weekend?" I ask Lori.
"Not much. You?" she ask.
"One of my cousins is coming into town to hang out with some college friends, girls weekend."
I turn to Teresa, "My cousin & I are born a week apart. When we were growing up, we'd wrestle each other & rough house, cousin stuff. I'd always win because she's horribly ticklish."
Teresa laughs.
"I told you about my cousin back in August before I went back home." I told Lori. She nods.
"You know Lori's ticklish. Big weakness." I tell tell Teresa.
"I can not stand having my feet tickled." Lori says.
"Back in jr. high I sat on my cousin's legs & tickled her feet. She totally lost it." I told Lori.
"No. No. No." Lori says as she strongly shakes her head.
I leave the room and go clock in for the day. Now somebody knows that Lori's ticklish. I had the urge all day long to tell the others, but I did not.
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    Good and productive day at work I see Getting to talk abkut tickling, even if it is just that much. Now, if only you'd find a "co-conspirator" to talk about tickling her.. so much for ever getting actual work done