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Every thought I have is fascinating.

a brief rant

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When I'm watching a tickling clip, there's one thing that always bugs me, and it's surprisingly common - it's when the ler starts competing with the lee for volume and the attention of the camera.

- The lee starts laughing, so the ler starts raising their voice over the lee.

- Then the lee eventually starts yelling and screaming, so the ler starts screaming too, yelling over the volume of someone who is already yelling.

I just find it so obnoxious: there's someone laughing and putting up a whole fuss from being tickled and then there's someone else there, literally trying to drown them out and doing everything they can to pull all possible attention and interest away from the focus of the clip and onto themselves.

And that person is always inevitably an absolutely garbage tickler, because they're incapable of paying the kind of attention to the other person that it requires.

They're too busy thinking about how important it is for them to put on a show - because if they aren't doing something interesting, then everyone must be getting bored!
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    YES! HATE THAT!!!!

    Not talking verbal teasing, and interjecting.....

    I find this happening most often in certain f/f videos, actually. Like they're competing with the 'lee for attention or something......
    It's so familiar..