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Every thought I have is fascinating.

Some references to my days as a quote-unquote game designer

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Yesterday I tried to find evidence of the MUD my roommate and I ran out of our apartment in the 90s and I struck out, but today I was still curious and thought of some ways to refine the search.

So far I've found these room descriptions from an area called "The Street of the Gods" named after, I think, moderators of the particular game its from. It's not from my game directly, but Garion was me and Soapbox was my roommate Jamie -

Street of the Gods, Garion~
You are standing on the street of the gods. Instead of building a temple, the denizens of the Underdark built a road dedicated to them. This section of the road honours Garion and his true understanding of the fabric of life. Garion with his foresight to bring people together so they can defend themselves from their enemies and unite for a common goal.

Street of the Gods, Soapbox~
This street has been built to honour the gods of the realms. Since the
street was built, the Underdark has flourished. You have heard rumours
that at certain sections on this street, you can actually recall. The street
has been indeed blessed by the gods. On the ground are a series of arcane symbols.
I don't remember what I might have done to make them describe me that way, but uniting people for a common goal certainly ended up being a theme in my life.
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    Here's a piece of code I just found archived from a MUD (not mine) called MadROM that I was a moderator on, from an adventure zone I wrote called Baba Yaga's hut. Many of us who ran our own games were also moderators on each other's games.

    We'd stop in and hang out on the "moderator only" channel, or wander their game, invisible and omnipotent, to check out all their cool new ideas.

    Baba Yaga's hut program (by Garion of BFM)

    >death_prog 100~
    mpecho hut The force animating the hut is gone. Its legs buckle and it falls...
    mpecho hut THUD!
    mpecho hut The door *bangs* open and a powerful wind sucks you into the hut.
    mpecho hut The door slams shut and disappears.
    mptransfer all 9901
    I actually embedded an Easter Egg in that adventure. I stole the idea of an Ogre that had been brainwashed to think it was a dainty maid from the DND adventure Castle Amber, and I gave it a feather duster.

    In these old text games if you had an item you could "look" the item and get a description, that might be as simple as "look sword - you see a sharp looking blade" to something more important like "look clue - you see a note directing you to investigate the third book from the left."

    So if you "look feather duster" after defeating the Ogre Maid in Baba Yaga's Hut, you see "tickle tickle"
    Here's a reference to it - http://www.topmudsites.com/forums/mu...?mudid=dionyza

    Dionyza, I now recall, was the name of the girl we gave it to. When she heard we were going to shut it down she asked if she could take it over and we said sure.
    wow, they honored you with a "Street of the Gods"! yes, they described you well!!