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"Lou Dobbs wonders why it's so hard to find proof of election fraud."

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Wondering with others who were loyal to Trump before it became obvious he's using the insane, discredited Q-Anon conspiracy theories and ignoring reality to save himself,
with his remaining Red cohorts who also don't want to lose their privileged, gerrymandered deathgrip on Congress (and our tax dollars).

AMAZING, how this insanity DOES NOT occur when DEMOCRATS actually ARE cheated out of the highest office.....

Because sometimes the Truth really is the simplest answer, Mr. Dobbs....

Perhaps lsten to some of the most brilliant conservative minds as well: https://lincolnproject.us/

At least it seems the military is aware there is no reason for civil war. Especially not over a sadistic, genocidal dictator.

Dick Cheney is also Evil personified, but realizes Donald lost & needs to go. (And his daughter may run in the future...)

Trump didn't fill essential seats but made sure he overloaded the federal benches so he'd have a slew of judges to back him up, he thought.... And the seats he did fill..... Each of those placements was a crime in itself. He obviously couldn't have found a less ethical or less competent Bloodsucker for each & every post...

But this dirtiest of Swamps has had an excellent gig going after Trump stole the 2016 election via the Electoral College (which DOES need to be removed, it has screwed The People too often) --- But NOT this time. No longer.

We the People WERE CHEATED in 2000 & 2016, and look at the DISASTERS that resulted;
thousands dead unnecessarily, our Economy decimated (and every other essential category.....) to then be cleaned up by a Democrat. Who should've been in the White House in the first place.

Trump doesn't belong to any party and doesn't care how many more thousands die so he may flourish--- and escape prosecution.
And as he himself said in a rare moment or two of truth years ago,
(he could shoot someone in cold blood & get away with it....)
good things only happen when Democrats are in charge.

He's even killing MORE people on the way out -- as many Death Row inmates as he possibly can. Including those with remaining doubt.... PRO - LIFE, REALLY?

PUERTO RICANS (are Americans, someone tell him!), got paper towels?

KURDS (our ALLIES, BETRAYED & dying slowly in Turkish prisons... I can't begin....),

and 300,000 DEAD of COVID because he HAD to remove the Bush-OBAMA Pandemic Response Team.....
So many vital programs, beneficial to Americans or humanity, are gone because Pres. Obama orchestrated or assisted in them (or it's not profitable for Trump or Putin).

***THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN STOLEN from refugees seeking asylum, destroyed utterly (!!!)
---- Their REFUGE was also within our laws and our budget, but he ignored that completely, creating camps for stolen children & inventing a mob "Caravan" at the border.
Thousands of kids then stolen, caged, and horrifically abused. And then so many "LOST" --- More likely SOLD. Also dying slowly.


But in reality, sometime in the next decade, as it will take at this rate...? https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid...t-faces-delays


THE PEOPLE VOTED. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of fraud, it's been disproven repeatedly. One reason why half Trump's Swamp is jumping ship now. It's just more of the same Big Con Job.

We all make mistakes, and this is truly THE GREATEST CON in our history, backed up by a continuous, ferocious avalanche of BIG LIES packed with extraordinary detail,

...fooling even some brilliant, ethical minds.
I was surprised to find...

Please do not let this Con Artist Reality TV Thug destroy your life as well.

If you sent him money --- SUE HIM!!! HE LOVES that....

Updated 01-06-2021 at 07:38 PM by FrenzyTickles



    There was widespread fraud. its pretty obvious. the question is was it enough to turn the election. probably not.
    I appreciate your polite & thoughtful reply, but must respectfully disagree, as Trump lost the popular vote both times, with no evidence of voter fraud.

    He has been frantically looking for that evidence....

    If anything, the irony is Trump himself has committed (all sorts of) fraud, asking his followers to vote twice, outright. You must've heard this too:

    ...And he's now urging officials to assist him in "finding" votes after 3-4 countings already occurred (!!).
    ---- No Dem would get away with 1/8 of his illegal behavior.... This is incredible.... Even bullying Republicans supporters to commit voter fraud:

    And the only other fraud found has been.... by Trump supporters:


    Trump is desperate to keep power, not to lose the presidential "cover" that's been keeping him from being prosecuted for (too many crimes, see above for a fraction.....) :/ He's grabbing at straws & twisting them into Big Lies.....

    Updated 01-06-2021 at 12:01 PM by FrenzyTickles
    There's nothing to wonder about. A system not designed to find something won't likely find it.

    Try catching a thief without using security cameras.

    Numerous other First World nations have strict voting and ID policies for good reasons. Even the left wing parties of these countries are in favor of them. Only in America does the left make such ridiculous arguments against voter ID.
    "Only in America" do the Conservative right-wingers twist facts and present them as "alternate" truths or "entertainment" posing as news.

    We have no problem with voter ID, but we do have a problem with the eternal avalanche of Voter Obstructions
    Conservatives insist upon throwing into largely Liberal or Blue voting areas.

    When Conservatives lose (sorely, usually) suddenly there's a problem with all Voting Mechanisms!!

    And how dare you allow Early Voting!! And more Voting Locations!! And extended Voting Hours!!

    (And don't you DARE give anyone WATER on line.... That's literally been made illegal in some BLUE Majority areas....)

    Which are also often non-white areas as well. Of course, Voting Facilities must be CLOSED & HOURS RESTRICTED so Democratic Votiers (especially in non-white areas) must wait on LONNNNNNNNNNG lines hours apart during working hours.....

    And then the PUNCHLINE ----- MORE VOTER FRAUD has been committed by Republicans/Conservatives. Dead voters, voting twice in different states, you name it, Conservatives have mastered the art of both cheating and sore losing.

    Lethally. From the Bush 2000 White House Grab & dumping of Absentee Ballots to the 2021 Trump Liars' Fest
    & His Orangeness' January 6th Traitors' Uprising....