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Yes that was a Coup & NO, those Domestic Terrorists were not liberals in disguise.

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Don't even try it. Those were violent Trump cultists and that was another incredible display of White Privilege.

Criminal Trump Privilege. We've had a Mob Boss for 4 years who's done nothing but steal & kill. He's a violent Traitor who should've been removed long ago.

Followed by too many traitors & profiteers in Congress...

Those were literally ARMED Barbarians (yes, Rome was falling) with CONFEDERATE & TRUMP FLAGS, Nutjobs hanging off the walls, storming freely in the face of the Capitol police....

Edit: Some of those police LET THEM IN, REMOVING BARRICADES & TAKING SELFIES WITH THEM.... And you still deny White Privilege?

They invaded & took the CAPITOL, with explosives found outside, and a woman was killed. If they were not white.....

CLEARLY instigated by Trump ---- who of course never showed up as he CLEARLY promised them, ON VIDEO AGAIN after pushing them repeatedly to march on the Capital & "STOP THE (fake) STEAL"

...... Really, they thought he'd keep his word? He's the Guinness Book Liar In Chief.... And he was in the White House watching them do his dirty work on TV.
Always the Draft Dodger.

Doing nothing to stop them for HOURS, until he put out one half-assed video address which sent them more encouragement than anything else.

None of them were going to stop to watch him pretend to ask them to stop at that point, they were too busy taking selfies.

While Congressmen and women had to hide, one calling her husband to be sure he knew where her will is kept.
MANY OF THEM ARE VETERANS, male & female, & they were comparing this to occupations in 3rd World countries. The sort Trump would refer to as "shitholes."

....And *nothing happened to these Trumpist Invaders. They swarmed, walked around "COMFORTABLY," invading our country's "sacred space,"

TRYING TO KILL A VALID ELECTION. They were allowed to move freely....

We all know if those were black or brown (even peaceful protestors) the military would've been there in seconds
& they'd have been shot on sight and/or arrested by the hundreds within a half hour. (To fill our Prisons For Profit!! )

Not lounging around terrorizing CONGRESS for HALF THE DAY...


Updated 01-08-2021 at 11:19 AM by FrenzyTickles ((I hadn't even realized the "police" LET ARMED INSURGENTS INTO THE CAPITOL.....))

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    The BLM riots went unchecked for months before police finally made an effort to stop them. they had free reign over the country burning and looting at will. im tired of hearing how unfair it was to the BLM rioters. all lies.
    Actually full body-armed military --- (and then *unidentified "military," which was truly frightening, no ID, just arms & vans) --- were present almost if not immediately at BLM. Along with Alt-Right "White Nationalists" who instigated violence in person & online to discredit BLM.

    On our CAPITOL (!!!) these Trumpian Insurgents arrived armed, INVADED and were treated with kid gloves. We JUST WATCHED that & you can again ---

    See the difference (I did yesterday. It was disgusting. Everyone wondered WHY AREN'T POLICE ARRESTING THESE INVADERS??? I didn't know SOME were HELPING them...):


    For BLM --- The actions of alt-right groups like the "Boogaloo Boys" and other white nationalists inciting violence & looting have been documented. Sure, there were looters ---- those were not the peaceful protestors whose valid marches were disrupted & threatened.

    The BLM protests were justified (luckily now everything is on camera....) and largely peaceful --- Protests, not riots.




    White Nationalists incited the violence, drove cars into BLM protestors, and drove each other OVER STATE LINES WITH AUTOMATIC WEAPONS
    ------- INCLUDING ONE CRAZY MOTHER WHO DROVE HER 17 YR OLD SON --- ARMED --- INTO A PROTEST so he could what, make a statement? ----- HE KILLED protestors. What was he DOING there???

    Annnnnd *nothing excuses the behavior of the violent Trump-incited Terrorists who brought explosives, broke into & trashed our CAPITOL and attempted a COUP

    trying to (somehow, pointlessly) change ELECTION RESULTS --- ENDANGERING CONGRESS, OUR DEMOCRACY, HOW THE WORLD VIEWS US ---- there is no comparison.

    Walking around with guns, strutting & lounging & destroying & stealing as if they owned the place. Our Capitol.

    You KNOW if they were black they'd all be dead or arrested by now.

    ....Ever seen armed Blacks or Hispanics walking casually down Main Streets, take over a Federal Building, and/or invade & trash our Capitol to try to steal an election???

    No, you haven't.
    Updated 01-08-2021 at 11:31 AM by FrenzyTickles
    Quote Originally Posted by maniactickler
    The BLM riots went unchecked for months before police finally made an effort to stop them. they had free reign over the country burning and looting at will. im tired of hearing how unfair it was to the BLM rioters. all lies.
    I agree with you, maniactickler. The double standard with regard to rioting is obvious.
    People stormed the nation's capital with weapons and confederate flags in attempt to disenfranchise hundreds of millions of their fellow citizens. This was an attempt at insurrection, encouraged by the President and his allies in congress and the media. Anyone comparing it to BLM probably supports what happened and is just angry that the domestic terrorist with whom they sympathize weren't successful.

    It's simply stunning that people carrying confederate flags and Neo Nazi insignia could attempt to steal an election and murder a police officer and some people's ONLY and immediate reaction is to make a false equivocation to BLM protests. Makes you wonder where there true sympathies lie.
    Updated 01-08-2021 at 09:52 AM by Blue Soda
    Lol who the hell has mistaken those Trump supporters, who were brandishing Trump signs and who stormed Congress to manifest their support for Trump, for liberals? LMAO

    If they were in disguise it was a VERY GOOD disguise
    Exactly! Trump is on air for weeks telling his followers to "stand by" and then march on the Capitol, claiming they need to "fight"

    -- Oh, WAIT --- Did he say "WE will fight" and "I will be with you" CLEARLY, SEVERAL TIMES? ....He DID, didn't he?

    (Funny how we didn't see the Draft Dodger after that....)

    ....And they're claiming ANTIFA showed up? WHY would ANTIFA answer TRUMP'S CALL TO ARMS?

    ANTI-FASCISTS won't follow the orders of a deranged attempted Dictator (Fascist with open Neo-Nazi support) and show up at our CAPITOL


    Yeah, SURRRRE, those were the Liberals, answering TRUMP'S CALL TO FIGHT (while he went home to a WATCH PARTY....)

    to undermine the confirmation of Joe Biden as the People's Choice, a true President-Elect.

    To undermine THEIR OWN CANDIDATE ---- REALLY?

    THAT ADDITIONAL IRRATIONAL NONSENSE just illustrates how deranged these Trump Cultists truly are.

    (Present company excepted... some are just horribly mislead, victims of extreme misinformation & a sophisticated Con...)

    But that does also illustrate how desperate some are to hang on to their Alt-ernate Reality. It's painful to break out of that Box.

    There's ALWAYS a twisted CONspiracy Theory presented to allow Trump & Super Swamp an escape route.

    Updated 01-15-2021 at 06:17 AM by FrenzyTickles (Red "News" sources tend to exclude the relevant *facts.)