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My First Tickle Session (Based on True Events)

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After scouring the Craigslist Personal section for weeks, I finally found the perfect ad:


Hi I am Michael (52 M) and my partner Paul (49 M) and I are looking for a young man to tickle torture! We are looking for someone who is VERY ticklish and is comfortable being caressed and touched by two older men. We are not looking for sex, but we may play with your cock during our tickle session! You must be naked and tied down to the bed.

extremely ticklish +++
uncut cock (sensitive cock head) +++
Long and soft feet ++++++++++++++

My name is Arvin. I am a 21 year old Indian - 5"10, a little on the chubby side - and I have a tickle fetish. I've always wanted to be tied up and tickled, though I have never explored my tickle fetish. I thought this ad would give me all that I craved - I got hard just reading it. Luckily, I grew up to be a VERY ticklish person. I knew this because I would often get teased and tickled. The worst was when someone would tickle my feet! My feet are VERY sensitive!!

After a couple of days of back-and-forth chatting, we planned to meet at an old motel. It was the night before our session and I was having trouble sleeping. I was very excited... and clearly, my rock hard cock was as well.

<> <> <>

"Come on in, Arvin!" Michael says, as he welcomes me into the motel room, where I see Paul sitting on the head-end of the bed with a grin on his face. Michael caresses and gives my bum a nice push towards the bed, and I giggle as I stumble into Paul's lap. "Gotcha!" Paul jeers, as he holds me tight on his lap and runs his big hand along my thigh and over my hard cock.

"Wow Michael, seems like someone is VERY excited!" He teases, as he softly strokes my hard cock and balls over my sweat pants. I blush and stammer, as I say "I'm quite nervous... I've never done this before.."

Paul continues to tease my cock over my sweatpants while he puts one cold and calloused hand up my t-shirt and caresses my chest and tummy. Michael takes a seat at the foot of the bed as he lifts up both my legs and puts his feet on his lap. "Don't be nervous, boy... We'll take care of ya! Now let's see them cute feetsies!" Michael says while slipping my shoes off and teasingly pulling my socks off my long size 11 feet. His cold hands caress every inch of my soft bare soles, which sends a shiver down my spine! "HAHA, that tickles.." I say, as Michael softly runs his fingers up and down my warm soles, inserting his fingers in between each toe.

"Paul, we got ourselves some SOFT FEET! And they're quite big too! I can't wait to taste em!" Michael says while Paul continues to gently rub my cock and tickle my hard nipples inside my shirt. "It'll be even more fun once we oil those cute Indian feet up, ain't that right Arvin...?" I sink into their touch in excitement and bliss as I feel their hands caress my most sensitive spots.

"Let's get going, boy!" Paul says as he gives my cock a quick tickle over my pants, which has me bounce up on the bed. "Ready to get naked, boy..?" Michael says devilishly as he puts my legs on the bed, kneels down at the foot of the bed, and starts to pull my sweats down. Almost concurrently, Paul slowly pulls off my t-shirt but leaves my tight boxer briefs on. I become very nervous as I see them both pull some restraints out of a duffle bag. Paul takes each of my arms and secures my wrist at each corner of the headboard. After my arms and hands are secure, Michael pulls me by the ankles to make sure I'm nice and stretched out before he secures each ankle at each corner of the footboard. At last, my body was completely secured spread eagle, completely vulnerable - though my boxers were still on.

"Ready to be tickled, Arvin?" Paul says as he straddles me at the hip. Michael positions himself at the foot of the bed, gently caressing my secured feet. "I'm ready when you are, Paul!" Michael says, eager to have his way with my soft and vulnerable soles. I let out a nervous laugh, expecting to have my body ravaged through intense tickle torture. Simultaneously they both count down:

3.... 2.... 1.... GO!

And in an instant, my body jolts as I am overstimulated by their scheming hands! As he straddles me, Paul rakes his cold hands all over my upper body, spidering his fingers over my immobile armpits! "AHHHHHHHHAHAHAH NOT MY ARMPITS!!" I scream as Paul doubles down on my armpits, scribbling his fingers up and down. I try to move and jerk around, but I am tied down securely! Meanwhile, Michael tickles up and down my soles, occasionally jumping from tickling the tops of my toes to my arch, which he realizes are the most sensitive spots on my feet. My toes wiggle and my feet jerk around, trying to escape Michael's wiggly fingers, but it's no use as his sensor-like hands track and punish my sensitive soles. I scream and laugh in pure ecstasy as these two older gentlemen have their way with my ticklish body. They never ceased to tickle torture me, despite my cries for mercy!

After about 20 minutes or so, Michael moves to my right foot and caresses my now warm and sweaty sole. "Mmmm time for a taste," he teases as he runs his warm tongue up and down my soles, in between my toes, while occasionally sucking my toes. I arch my back and let out a soft giggle and moan as he navigates his tongue all over my foot. Althewhile, Paul lays down beside me, licking and tickling my right nipple. "Oh look what we have here..." Paul says as he grabs my now THROBBING cock.. "It seems like our little Indian boy is ENJOYING his feet being worshiped.." He rips my boxer briefs off of my body to reveal my hard cock. He pulls out his bottle of coconut oil and drizzles it all over my cock and balls. I arch my back and let out a loud moan the moment Paul starts to stroke my cock slowly and rhythmically, while Michael continues to run his tongue all over my feet.

To be continued.