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Thinking today about a summer day in grade school, at soccer camp. It was a day camp at a local middle school, but not the one I attended. Everyday out in the hot sun with kids from the other, wealthy, side of town.
And one day, the one female soccer instructor decided that she was too hot, and tied up her shirt in a knot. And now all these years later, I still remember that day. I bet a lot of other guys do too. Or maybe Iím the only one who is weird enough to give it so much meaning.
You never know when you are going to make a memory for life. That is the thing about life. You need to be out there doing things in order for the unexpected things that make life fascinating to happen. You canít plan them, and yet in a way, by planning to do something, you sort of are planning them. You put yourself in a position for the unexpected, for life, to happen.
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