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Spelling/Grammar Nazis. Usually small minds scoring cheap points.

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It's especially funny when insecure snobs misspell words like "intelligent" while attempting to put someone else down.

I'm no genius but I have a decent grasp upon the mechanics of my native language.

And its history. I think most if not all languages change with time, English is hardly recognizable going back a few centuries. Some might say a few decades...

Albert Einstein was learning disabled when it came to language,
you may want to keep that in mind.

He wasn't the only genius who had difficulty: https://www.masters-in-special-educa...ing-disorders/

Spelling and grammar are fluid, and the Point is -- to be understood. If you need to take cheap shots to make yourself feel better about yourself, you're the only one who's (yes, "who is," condensed)
going to look stupid & petty.

English (or your version of it) may not be someone else's native tongue, also.

Regardless, unless someone is stunningly rude & abusive (and has made a point of undermining others in this manner) --- there is no excuse for attempting to circumvent their Point by nitpicking something as irrelevant as these basic structures.

If they can be understood, they've succeeded.

If you can't understand them, that may be because your ability to read and comprehend is what's limited.

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    I see the point you're trying to make, Frenzy.

    I never do that to anyone else, as it comes off as a put down to another person.

    Those who know me on this forum for almost 20 years know that I never put anyone down, unless I'm defending myself from an insult that was started by the other person.
    English is sort of a victim of its success. With the importance it took, especially here on the Internet, the number of non-native speakers attempting with various degrees of success to emulate the native speakers has increased to gigantic proportions, the former possibly equaling the latter in sheer volume.

    IMO, we should all (native and non-native speakers) strive to write and express our thoughts as grammatically correctly as possible. If anything, as a form of courtesy to the reader, and also because it might lead to great results in other aspects of life. I owe my career in part to my regular visits to the TMF; I practically learned English here, besides school. And I personally take as a blessing any and all remarks from someone who knows better pointing out the errors I make, because I genuinely want to improve... as long as said remark is delivered politely and not as a way to shoot me down.

    I share your view to a degree, and we all gain from showing each other a bit more respect. However, let us not fall into the opposite extreme: grammatical rules are called "rules" for a reason; they do exist, we do not make them, and there is no way around them. We break them at our own peril, run the risk of being misunderstood (sometimes with hilarious results), or worse – from my Frenchman's perspective – DIMINISHING OUR POINT (Oh! The horror!!!). That is a risk I personally like to keep as close to 0 as possible, and consider well worth the extra effort/study I put into it
    Far too much of that on here

    Personally a think it’s just losers that can’t be rude to anyone in person as they know they wouldn’t be Abel to deal with the consequences
    And by that I’m meaning a punch in the face so they take
    To the internet and hide behind a so screen
    Certainly, Mitch, you're very kind, no one would make that mistake I'm sure! And some do just really have it coming...

    Tenebrae, I see your *Points!! :P I had assumed English was your first language, you're so very well versed in it! People would read newspapers in the past to learn it, and local vernacular (unfortunately not now, what a grammatical disaster most have become, especially online... )

    I agree, people are doing us a favor when they nicely inform us of mistakes, I've sent Private Messages to that effect, for that reason, so as not to publicly embarrass anyone. I appreciate that when they do the same.

    And you're right about the rules being in place for a reason -- shared organization, (the Point, yes, haha) is more easily understood... (I also find it's a more appealing trait, though again there are various types of intelligence...). Thank you for that useful feedback!

    Solestroker88 You're so right, they're often cowards hiding behind a blue screen... They're never worth the jail time in person, but it's probably funny as hell watching you chase these schmucks down the block with your fist raised when they do dare in person, I can "so" see that...
    Quote Originally Posted by Solestroker88
    Far too much of that on here

    Personally a think it’s just losers that can’t be rude to anyone in person as they know they wouldn’t be Abel to deal with the consequences
    And by that I’m meaning a punch in the face so they take
    To the internet and hide behind a so screen
    ��Exxzzzzactly! Truer words are rarely / if ever uttered! I call them "keyboard badass's"! It might be from my southern upbringing, but I have always thought (unless on the rarest of deserved occasions) there was/is never really any need in publicly humiliating / embarrassing Anyone, and even when u feel it might be necessary, if you do not have the (credit Mick Foley) testicular fortitude to at least do it in person/ eye ball to eye ball, you probably shouldn't do it at all. In fairness tho, for the vast majority/ if not whole majority of the "keyboard badass's" these little "be as rude as possible just for the sake of being rude" chime-in situations may very well be their only opportunity (according to their kind of thinking I guess) to at least kinda sorta be a man, even if it's only a cyber version. Lol But when real life comes a calling, suddenly their spine liquifies in record timing. Smh.....My mom always kept informing me throughout my whole life , even up to the day she passed on pert near 7 years ago "common courtesy, and general kindness doesn't cost you a single thing". I've always tried to practice what mom preached, and The older I get the more I really do live it. I can only guess that the keyboard ba's brigadeers out there must figure being nice denotes wimpy, but I and I'm sure many others can attest that you can be the nicest guy around, but still be one of the baddest sumbitch's walking the county.
    What gets me the most guys is as a community we should be doing more about this truth is but there is little done canít even block them you can ignore them but they can still basically take the piss out of you and there rat pack can join in and as soon as someone has some sort of level of feather in there name they have a free pass to do what they want when they want I suffer from being punch drunk as I boxed when I was younger so having randoms messaging me and telling me Iím stupid and I should stop writing storyís when I know for a fact if they said it to my face I would wipe the floor with them is slightly frustrating have debated with my self to leave a few times but then that would just be letting them win