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another day, another derangement

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kind of a bummed out day, but naps and music help

This is the video Ted Turner had made for CNN to play in the event the world was coming to an end.


George Floyd's girlfriend, Courteney Ross was Duante Wright's high school teacher.

ha ha watch it fall apart
just when i seem to
pick up the pieces
but no no
i can't have this die
turn up the tv
white noise i need it
i ring around the rosie
holdin on holdin on
go and take me back
go and take me back
disa ppearin slowly
had enough
had enough
go and take me back
go and take me back
lonely face
where have you gone
i feel so
far from home
the only thing
i know
is that i got
and i got
questions why
this hurt
i feel inside
is becoming

could watch Nancy Wilson play guitar all. damn. day. <3

PS. If anyone knows where I can get some of my favorite childhood beverages - Squeezits and/or Mondo? Can't find em lol
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