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There's some talk of people hosting gatherings again at the end of this year. I heard the vaccine is effective for 6 months (I know experts say it's probably longer, but when it comes to health and safety I'm not sure if we can rely on probablies) so just wondering if attendees will be required to have proof of a recent booster or if that's not really a concern.
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    One I'm interested in going to requires it
    I'm pretty confident that we'll know more about whether boosters will be needed by this summer. But it's an important question and we all need to be thinking about this carefully.
    I'd say just follow the CDC guidelines on gatherings. With so many people getting the vaccine COVID is at an all time low. 6 months from now it may no longer be a threat on a large scale
    All time low is kind of a goofy phrase talking about a novel virus, so I don't know how much assurance there is in that.

    I've read that it is not really known how long the vaccine lasts in the body, but experts suggest 6 months to a year. Others have insinuated boosters may be required or a yearly shot like the flu. I know people are going stir crazy and want to see their friends, but is it smart to plan events that far ahead of time when they were all canceled for the past few years in the interest of safety?