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To the Underestimated and Over-Delivering Ler

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I will admit that I underestimated you. Your sweet, gentle charms were perfect for other lees, but me? I had no real expectations. It would simply be fun. Nothing earth shattering would happen. I would get my ler on and go off into the sunset, unchanged.

It was your friendship that drew me in, still unsuspecting of what was lurking underneath your "LEE ONLY" 🙄 lol and kind exterior. I thought I was safe. I thought I was going to dole out the punishment, not take it. And I was good with that. I was craving that which I willingly admitted to you. I am as much a ler as I am a lee. More so, now-a-days.

I wasn't even nervous. I was plotting how to get you first. When could I slip my hands up and run my fingers along your torso? When could I scramble up into your armpits? But I will also admit that I could not stop looking at your hands. I didn't dare look on Saturday, but they were there so casually wrapped around the steering wheel. And they looked strong and damaging... I blushed, looked away, and reminded myself that I was there for a purpose. I was a LER tonight. That's it. LER! "Get it together!" I told myself. But still- I had no expectations for that. We had already talked about tickling you.

You caught me completely off guard when you went for it. You grabbed my side and my reaction was instantaneous. And no matter how many times I have been tickled, I am still shocked about how ticklish I really am. I fought and my laughter bubbled over immediately. I couldn't help it. I thought you would stop just as quickly, but you didn't. Your hands- those hands that I couldn't stop looking at- danced up my ribs, ran along my neck, raced across my tummy, expertly handled my hips and thighs, and wrapped themselves around both sides. I began to panic. I bent my arms to tug your hands away, and one found its way into the hollow of my underarm, and clamped down and earnestly pleaded, "Please, don't tickle me there." You had me begging, curled up, and breathless in seconds. I was still in shock, and I was in trouble.

Thankfully, you relented for a moment, giving me time to kick myself for underestimating you. I'm pretty sure I whispered incredulously, "Wow!" and "What just happened?!!!" about eight times.

BUT I ignored my LEE self asking for more and set out to do what I had been wanting to do for days.... test out my fingernails- Unleash my poor, neglected LER side. AND I got to enjoy watching your body tense and your eyes go wide with shock. Watching you lift and squirm as you tried to get away, but at the same time struggle to keep your arms up... "Dear God!" LOL 😅 Your laugh was contagious. I could barely control my giggling as I moved my nails along your upper body and down to your legs and your knees.

We spent the better part of 2 1/2 hours tickling and teasing each other, but I wasn't even aware of the time. I was only aware of you pinning me down and your fingers on my feet, finding that spot that only 2 people are aware of.... devastating me- sending me into silent laughter as my hands pounded the back of the seat from sheer desperation. I couldn't escape.

And YOUR feet, by far the nicest, softest pair of feet I have EVER seen or EVER tickled in my life, period. I don't think I will ever be the same. I could have tickled your feet FOREVER! No really.... forever.... Ok- Forever- The way I enjoyed mapping out and teasing your most sensitive areas- You're feet are just disrespectful. Ridiculous! 🙄🤣 (Am I a foot gal now? Oh no!)

Oh goodness....
So... to my underestimated lee/ler....
I cannot wait to see you again.

Until then, I fear my imagination and my memories will be overworked.


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    At first I thought this would be about some guy overstepping his boundaries, and I'm so glad it wasn't. I'm glad that you had fun and I hope that you two could meet each other again!
    Quote Originally Posted by Onnakusuguritai
    At first I thought this would be about some guy overstepping his boundaries, and I'm so glad it wasn't. I'm glad that you had fun and I hope that you two could meet each other again!
    We did have lots of fun, and we had the opportunity to meet a couple more times as well. Sigh- He was a great guy BEYOND the play, too.