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Part 2- The Secret: 😊 He Had No Idea That....

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He had no idea that she had loved being tickled forever. This was something that had always been a part of her. After college when it was time for her to enter the real world of professionalism and bills and responsibilities, she just leaned into what she did best. She was always expected to be fiercely independent, so she was. She was always told that she was the strongest, so she was. She was also expected to be serious, and though she might have been one of the silliest people she knew once upon a time, she was. She tucked all of that, along with her love of all things tickling related, away deep in the dark.

It was in the dark that these past thoughts found her. Memories of college nights where she stayed in the guys' dormitory until the last possible second because Derrick would tickle her for hours after basketball practice. The television would be turned up to drown out her sweet laughter, and although his boys swore they were banging it out, and he didn't tell them anything different, he would pin her arms above her head and softly twirl his fingers under her arms or in her belly button, or along her abs daring her to sit still, timing to see how long she could take it, and betting her that she could beat her last time.

As she grew more and more frantic and panicked tears would eventually make their way down her cheeks and on to her neck, he would laugh at her anguish and challenge her again. And she just could not resist him because, damn it, she was always told she was the best, and so she was.

She wasn't one to lie completely, though. She couldn't deny how amazing she felt, the tickling felt. She could not deny how her nipples stood at attention so hard and so long that they grew tender. And she couldn't deny that she thought that maybe he would brush against them by "accident" like he did yesterday, and maybe he could feel the heat rising from her body especially where he lay in between her legs. Oh goodness! She could beg him to stop, but he wouldn't unless she broke free, freezing the clock. Oh! She could beg him to tickle her where she ached for it the most, but no! She was much too shy.

And she thought back, lying in the dark, of the short dates she had spread out through the years. She was quite honest that she did love to be tickled, which guys found intriguing, but she didn't have sex on the first date. Unlike Derrick who only pushed her to her ticklish limits, every single guy tried to fuck her anyway. The date always ended the same. Both people angry, and the guy realizing that she could actually beat his ass and perhaps he should let her go. They never called for a second date, and frankly, she wasn't waiting for them to.

Just a month or so before, she was through. She pulled her personal ads down off of Black Planet and whatever other sites that she plastered them on at that time and just resigned herself to her matronly status. She would remain single and a workaholic. She'd be the auntie that went to everyone's games, and plays, and birthday parties... the cool aunt with no kids of her own. She was fine with that. She had no desire to date again.

The desire for tickling, though? She couldn't quite lock it away so easily. So... here she was in the dark replaying what had happened with Mr. Ricks in the parking lot. She was blushing at the fact that she went for it and ran her long nails up and down his sides and ribs and DAMN his abs! And hearing his shocked laughter!? And seeing him looking at her like he wanted nothing more than to touch her right back!? Oh! She blushed again.

She had ran in the dark, but she wanted him to catch her. And as they fought in the back of her car in the dark, she wanted him. Oh and he wanted her! She was too polite to remark on the stiff swelling in his pants pressing up against her body and how urgently she wanted to touch him there when he kissed her hungrily! God! Stop! In the dark, tugging at her memories, she remembered that they were actually in the school parking lot and not horny in some college dorm.

Was he serious when he said he would visit her house tomorrow? She dared him to come! She wanted him to come! And she could not wait to run her nails along his chest and down into the deep creases that every guy has where their hips and torso collide and merge right above their manhood!

She didn't even realize she was touching herself until she came! Sticky, wet, forceful, images and tingling sensations of him tickling, kissing, tickling, kissing washed over her as she cried out in that same darkness where she felt her secret would always protect her. Perhaps in the dark, she realized that her ticklish secret had also imprisoned her.


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    Whew! So well written. I love this series
    Quote Originally Posted by Alliekat
    Whew! So well written. I love this series
    Thank you Alliekat.

    He's next! LOL