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The British Umbrella Challenge. Too funny not to share, outside politics.

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I was trying *not to let this get political.... Here it's out of the way!

I'm not conservative, obviously, but this is just hysterical:

He mucks himself up further trying to share it, no less.


Updated 08-01-2021 at 02:56 AM by FrenzyTickles (Less is more. The world needed a laugh.)



    Conservatives and umbrellas. Remember Trump struggling with it.
    Yeah, that was memorable (!!) On more than one occasion.... Umbrella-itis does seem to be a largely Conservative Disease!!

    (Though I have murdered a couple -- of umbrellas -- myself...)

    But at least Boris SHARES.... And laughs at himself!! In this episode, he's adorable!!

    Updated 08-01-2021 at 02:59 AM by FrenzyTickles (This is not good, to be befuddled by The Dark Side...)