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The World as I See It

A Co-Worker's Admission and Mixed Emotions

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I pride myself on being professional and respectful. But when a co-worker admitted to being ticklish (twice!!) I'll admit it caught me off guard. I could feel myself blush a bit, my heart rate increased and my palms got a tiny bit sweaty.

The admissions were innocuous enough, but my interest was piqued nonetheless. Of course this being a place of work (and me being his supervisor) and wanting to be professional and ethical I choose not to bring it up. Aside from being married, is this a person I would have any interest in if not for his admission?Sure he's superficially attractive but also kind of annoying and way too sure of himself. Why does that make me want to see him tickled even more? Ugh, I am too obsessed with tickling some days. But alas, my curiosity will only ever be that.

It's worth reminding myself that most people don't share this kink, and it's only 'us' who have these heightened reactions to hearing such a thing. What a weird feeling to have

Updated 08-03-2021 at 10:57 AM by Alliekat

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    It is indeed a weird AND POWERFUL feeling. Vanilla people do not realize how powerful this fetish is, how compelling and fascinating it is to us, as well as how much space it occupies in our brains, hearts and imaginations.

    Therefore I commend you for your professionalism. I know how hard it must have been the moment it happened, and how the thoughts regularly come back to (wait for it)... tickle your imagination. Hell, I think everyone here can understand how you feel

    I have an anecdote to share, myself. One of my colleagues was getting frustrated with a new recruit who was writing really awful reports. At some point he burst out:

    "Goddammit, when will she learn?! How many times do I need to explain how it's done? I bet if we started torturing her, she would improve a fucking great deal!"

    And then out of the blue, my superior said:

    "Eh come on now. In terms of torture, I've got a better idea: if you tickle her long enough, she will improve even better and there will be no risk of permanent damage".

    I think I smiled, the kind of smile that extended all the way to my ears and possibly into space, because when he saw my face he added:

    "Oh you like my idea now don't you?"

    I was caught off-guard, a little bit like you, but I tried my best to remain as casual as possible when I replied:

    "Totally. I volunteer to hold her arms"

    He just laughed it off and the three of us went to grab a coffee and talk about other stuff. But at that moment I was like so excited by the possibility that my superior could be "one of us". Mind you, I'd never actually bring up the topic myself, but damn the whole unexpectedness of it was kind of awesome
    Allie, I can understand what you mean.

    Over a decade ago, I lived in Lancaster, PA.

    I was getting my hair cut The lady who cut my hair, who was then in her 40s, took out the neck trimmer, which she knew always tickled my neck.

    Since it was so long ago, I don't remember every single detail, but it is posted on the forum somewhere.

    The lady said something like.

    "I know this neck trimmer tickles your neck. My daughter. (This woman's daughter was then married and in her 20s) wont let anyone touch her feet because her feet are so ticklish, she has to do pedicures herself, instead of having them done by a pedicurist"

    Somehow the convo went a bit further. The woman said. "I myself can sit through pedicures"

    At which point I said something to this woman like.

    "If your husband tickled you, you would laugh, because you're ticklish, right"

    The woman said that if her husband tickled her, she would laugh, and that she was ticklish.

    This admission about the woman's adult daughter being very ticklish, and the woman herself being ticklish, was one of my all time favorite admissions by a vanilla person of being ticklish.

    Thus, I can understand your post completely, Allie.
    Wow. Thank you both for the thoughtful replies!

    Tenebrae! Wow what an interesting conversation to have. That actually seems like a fun scenario for a fictional story. I will put that in the category of "fun to think about, definitely not okay to do in real life"

    Mitchell: That's really cute. I assume you re-visited that salon lol
    Several years ago, there was a girl who was quite lovely and I was out with her and a group of other people. We were all feeling good. She came up to me and out of nowhere said "I'm not ticklish, ya know". Clearly a challenge. I honestly had no idea how to respond. I truly froze. It kills me to this day that she opened the door to me and I didn't move. It didn't help that the girl I was dating was about 20 feet away. And the girl in question was way out of my league. The ones we assume aren't "one of us"....they just might be. And if they aren't one of us...maybe they just need to be introduced.

    I always wondered "what if". And it has honestly affected my willingness to take chances. I saw her recently. I'd ballpark it at 17 years later. She's married. Two kids. And she was quite friendly with me. Hand on the small of my back with the hubby sitting less than 10 feet away. Perhaps there's still a chance.

    But...at work... it's a way different story. Personally, it doesn't matter about chemistry, hotness, fetish...no dating at work for me.

    But they're out there...the ones who maybe aren't on this site. But they like it.