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Clearing Something Up

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After getting an...interesting message a while ago and holding off posting this, I'd like to clear some things up regarding my sexuality. I know this may seem like an unnecessary thing to post about and I probably shouldn't give this person attention (assuming they see this), but I'd rather get this out of the way.

Someone looking at content that doesn't match their sexuality doesn't make them confused.
I am gay, and as you would guess, I enjoy M/M. Now there have been a few times where I looked at content with some kind of /F pairing. Most of these times, it was to support friends' work. However, I will admit that I've looked at other content because I wasn't satisfied with the M/M tickling content I found. Could I have dug more? Yes. But that doesn't make these things wrong.

It is not your place to call someone confused. And even if it turns out I am, it still isn't your business to determine someone else's sexuality.
Don't be that guy, please.
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    That kind of contact is against our rules. Nobody should be challenging your sexuality here. If you reach out to me privately, I will deal with that person.