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Oye! Reddit! LOL 😆

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I've been on Reddit in the r/tickling section for about 3 days. And there are a couple of obvious things I noticed rather quickly.
(BTW: https://www.reddit.com/r/tickling/)

LOT of young folks... Like young enough that I am worried about the underage thing. I don't even speak to you if you are under the age of 21. (Job reasons....) I actually received an email congratulating me for posting and being an older woman. I'm still 43 for the next couple of weeks. LOL AND I was called ma'am. The hell? LOL😆
LOT of people have an interesting take on tickling and call it a fetish but.... Hmmmm... I mean... Is it though?
So let me unpack this a bit. (By the way, I definitely noticed the fetishists immediately. We sound differently... move differently.)
There are some people on Reddit who I feel enjoy tickling, and may even like tickle porn... But I'm not convinced that tickling is a true fetish to them by definition.

It's really odd. Hundreds and hundreds of people saying that they have a tickling fetish, but those same hundreds and hundreds of people are also saying that they have never been really tickled before. Like really, really!

And to be clear- I might not have known a session was called a session back in my early years, but I was tickling and I mean really tickling (for long stretches of time) people forever. So much so that when I confessed to my little sister (on the way to NEST- She was headed to NEST with me lol) that I was into tickling, she was like, "DUH." I already knew that. She probably knew I had this fetish before I did.

Now- That's just my history. I realize that some people grow into it, or are converted into it.... But my point is most of us are impacted/ affected just by hearing the word "tickle." Most of us remember growing embarrassed or flushed just seeing people get tickled. And most of our ears perk up and we're on full alert when we THINK tickling is about to occur. It's like spidey senses... LOL

So... To have a fondness for tickling and enjoy ticking others, is not quite the same as it being woven into your very center (sexuality for some), or so deeply ingrained in your nature that it is the "air you breathe."

So when I see people say, "Ooo! I love the be tickled!" That is cool! Welcome! But is it the same as when you (and you know what I am talking about) NEED to be tickled? Or need to tickle someone?

And when it happens, do you find yourself having trouble wanting it to stop or stopping yourself because you just cannot get enough? And do you try your best to get yourself into ticklish situations (with respect to the right time and place)? And do relationships seem hollow without tickling?

Now here's the flip side.... There is no One Size Fits All when we're talking about how to engage (describe, love, be into) this ticking fetish- or any fetish really.

So- It could be true that there are just an abundance of young people on Reddit making their ways into the scene and just feeling things out as they go. Even if they are saying they love tickle torture but have not been a lee or ler in that situation yet. (by their own admission)

But apparently my age and my intensity when it comes to all things tickling stands out quite a bit on that site. LOL It's just interesting to me, but admittedly, it feels a bit strange. (A lot strange. LOL)

OK... More rambling. Just thoughts. I think I'll stay on Reddit for the time being. It's interesting.


    LOL- I logged into my Live Journal from 2005.

    AND I sound like the Reddit crew.

    This tracks. I'm old. LOL LOL LOL