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Middle Tennessee Munch- Reflections 🥰🥰🥰

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I am utterly exhausted, but feeling really good about our third munch.

We had 3 people travel from Alabama and one from Kentucky. Five of us were local. The group is growing much more diverse with people of all different walks of life and backgrounds, but it still surprises me of how much we all have in common.

We were in a tight space at a local spot with a nice vibe. The place was really busy, but they accommodated us quickly. Drinks poured and the afternoon began with introductions. My food was delicious (albeit the portions were small to me and the service was slow). And although there were vanilla people all around us, we were able to sneak in a bit of tickle talk and play talk in hushed tones and sometimes louder tones every once in awhile.

What I always enjoy hearing is the laughter, the kindness, the joking amongst new and old friends. I love hearing the history and listening to each person draw us in with their stories. I feel the way the pandemic changed us is always something that comes up and bonds us. Seeing the couple in front of me sneak little tickles in was cute too. Our munches usually last between an hour and a half/ two hours. A few of us didn't walk out until well after that mark, and it was still such a great time.

The greatest high that I got for the evening was the HUGE jolt of good feelings when witnessing the group exchange contact info with the intention of building more connections. THAT is the point of these munches. I want to see people bond and meet well after the munch. It makes all of the planning and DMing and vetting worth it.

So- For our third munch overall, the group may seem small to some of you, but we're growing and we're a welcoming bunch... AND this is so very exciting for me.

Thank you to all of you who attended. Can't wait to hopefully see you all again in November.

If you missed it, you REALLY missed out on a great time. This munch is open to the entire southern region, not just to those in Tennessee. Be sure to join us for the next one.


    I'm very glad to hear that. Im also happy to see that my state had 3 represented, which means there's apparently at least 4 of us in Bama, which is 2 more than I ever thought there could be. Lol. I def plan on making one of those munches in the future.