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Would it be okay if I rant a little?

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Quote Originally Posted by weirdogurl View Post
Okay, I am going on a little rant here and I may get some hate or whatever but I frankly do not care, I just want to get this off of my chest because this is just a personal experience

I seem to be having a problem communicating with some members on here, and they all come from the same background; the foot fetish/feet tickling people. Now, before I get to the meet of this rant, I just wanna preface and say this; I have nothing against those people, like, not at all, I'm sure they are all nice and lovely people, but...

I happen to be into the upper body tickling thing, and mostly it (sure I go for other spots, but I do prefer the upper body), and I have mentioned in my bio, yet, strangely, I get a lot more people who are into feet, than the ones who share my preference. Whenever I do tell them that I do not meet their preference, I get a bit of a side-eye by them and some have tried to force/convince me to get involved in their interests, despite me expressing disinterest. I have been communicating with a member (not gonna drop a name) who has a foot fetish, and he gets a little crazy when I don't exactly meet his standards, but when he does respect me, he does go back and want me to be involved in this fetish.

Now, you can hate me all you want for saying this, but it feels like the ones who only love feet, and those who love both, are allowed to do so, but when someone is into the upper body only (like myself), the feet still have to get involved. Why? If that is the case, then shouldn't the people who are only into feet involve upper body as well? I can't speak for anyone else, but this seems to happen to me (and also the reason why I cannot get along with anyone on here, because it's just full of feet people. I would much rather talk or communicate with someone who shares my interest, yet somehow, I get the opposite.

This is just a rant that I have, and if I didn't explain things right, I am so sorry, but explaining things is very hard for me, so I do apologize. And again, I have nothing against these people, and I don't want to or even try to stir up drama because of this one issue I am having, but I feel like I have a right in ranting about this, and I am sure that the foot people are a lovely bunch, but I just want a simple thing from them; if I say I am only into upper body, they should just leave me be because I'm sure they can relate to having interest in just one thing.

Okay, thanks for taking the time to read this, and again, I don't want any drama or anything toxic things like that, it's just a rant that I have.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your days. Bye.
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