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R.I.P. Stuck In The Stocks (version 1)

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Quote Originally Posted by knismo View Post
Alas, the day has come.

As of today, the original Stuck In The Stocks at Clips4Sale.com is no more. Due to a combination of things—new C4S policies, hardships following the covid pandemic, loss of video shooting space—I was forced to shut down the store.

I will say right now: this (hopefully) will be only a temporary thing. Looking for a new shooting locale and a new host. With luck, we'll be back, preferably sooner than later.

Stuck In The Stocks
August 1, 2005 — May 1, 2022

"It ain't over until we say it is!" — John "Bluto" Blutarsky, Faber College, 1962.
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    Hello Knismo, I hope your goodbye isn't forever, because I've become a huge fan of your great videos over so many years and I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could buy and see great new videos from you again soon, see you then I wish you all the best and please let us know when it goes on, ok? Greetings STORCH