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I Tickle Audition Sarah Gregory and it's on youtube!!!

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In a move sure to delight TMF'ers, I have posted my first tickling clip on youtube! The tickling is completely real, nothing staged as I audition fetish model Sarah Gregory for a ballerina tickling movie I've been wanting to make.

Sarah had NEVER BEEN TICKLED she was AFRAID of it! That made me even more determined to introduce her to tickling as Sarah is very responsive, young and pretty and sincere in all of her reactions.

The video is less than 2 minutes long, in 96 hours over 6000 people have viewed it and hopefully, dear blog reader, YOU'LL go see it as well!

Remember, the following moments are very real and Sarah is a TICKLING VIRGIN.


Mistress Stephanie Locke
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    That's actually a link to a clip called "tickling tina"