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The first two Ashley Grable stories

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Well, the second Ashley Grable story (out of six planned) is done, and I've got some thoughts on writing it versus writing the first one. The first thing to note is that my pace of writing was pretty much the exact opposite for the two stories: The Janitor's Closet was written and posted in a single night, when I happened to hit a flow state and pretty much just went. The Right Response, on the other hand, had no such rush of inspiration: it was written slowly and sporadically over the last seven months. Towards the end of that process, I managed to settle into a fairly methodical rhythm, which I aim to keep up with future stories. Hopefully, that will shorten up the time between them a bit, or perhaps just result in the stories being a bit longer from here on out (probably not by much, but maybe in excess of 5000 words where the current two are both around 4000).

Speaking of length, I do feel these two were a little shorter than I would have liked; I definitely ran out of steam for both of them towards the ending. My current theory is that this is a result of either the pacing of my writing, or my current approach to writing. If it is simply an issue of how I pace myself, then a more disciplined schedule should be all it takes to fix. On the other hand, it could be that starting at the beginning and writing in linear order simply results in me feeling done with the story as soon as I get close to the ending; in case this is the issue, I am going to try starting by writing out a detailed ending, based on my outlines, and then go back to the beginning and finish the rest of the story from there. This seems like it could just result in a weak, rushed middle instead of a weak, rushed ending, or it might cause a sort of 'seam' in the story where it's clear the ending was written first because it does not match up with earlier details, but the former I think is still preferable to my current issues and the latter is mostly a matter of editing. Granted, my editing thus far has been 'read it once immediately after writing, post it, fix mistakes when I reread while answering comments,' so I would have to step up my game in that regard as well, but one thing at a time.

All that being said, I am quite proud of these two stories. For all the negativity I have shown so far, I think they are sexy and enjoyable, with a likeable ticklee and good setup for the future stories. I would go into more detail, but it would be hard to do without spoilers

Additionally, my next story will not be a part of the Ashley Grable series. I am going to be alternating between that and some other story ideas I have, with Ashley's story being the heaviest on continuity and hopefully melding into a single cohesive narrative by the end, while the others will be more like standalones with some characters in common. Should be fun!

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