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Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal

7/24/22 Story Progress Update

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Ok, week two of drafting is past! The latter half of the week was rather busy, which interfered with writing some, but I still got almost as much done this week as last week, which bodes well going forward. On the whole, I would say that when I could sit down and write, I found my rhythm a little sooner and stayed in it a little longer. I am feeling pretty good about that!

I am continuing to grow more comfortable writing foot tickling, and I quite like a bit of description I wrote for it this week. I do think at both the start and the ends of the story, I should probably take some time to define the male 'lers appearances a bit more than I have with the last couple of stories. That should not be a problem, so long as I remember to actually do it.

This week has focused a bit more on the characters' psychology, as well as fleshing out details of the situation which will most likely need to be moved to earlier points in the story once those earlier points are actually written. However, having those details helps make the writing feel more grounded on some sort of foundation, which I think is helpful for getting into rhythm like I mentioned at the start.

The complexity of the situation has been slowly increasing; the climax so far begins with a single character tickling the 'lee, then the rest gradually join in. This has been helpful in keeping the complexity from getting away from me; it allows me to steadily work towards the final level of complexity rather than having to jump immediately into a scenario with four 'lers at once. I am sure that will become quite manageable given time, but for where I am at right now the build up is beneficial.

This is not really related to anything else, but it is a pattern I have noticed in this story: I am enjoying writing situations where the 'lee's own instinctive attempts to escape the tickling, by jerking away etc., are used to tickle her more

Window of Opportunity current wordcount: 1233 words. Goal: ~5000 words. ~24% completed.
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