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Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal

9/11/22 Story Progress Update

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Lots of inspiration for my other planned stories this week; getting that written down and planned out ended up draining my creative energies a bit too much to work on the current story, unfortunately. Still, there are exciting things planned for Ashley Grable and various 'lees I have yet to introduce, which I will talk about in due time. Hopefully I will be a bit better rested this coming week too; the past week was quite exhausting, and I was not as disciplined about maintaining my sleep schedule as I should have been. Ah well. I will keep working at it, and progress will come

Wordcount: Same as last week. Goal: 5000.

Updated 10-30-2022 at 02:01 AM by ticklefanatic15

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Progress Updates , Window of Opportunity Progress