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A PSA to stop getting your hopes up

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If she has a bunch of face pics public in her TMF album but isn't verified. She's prob not real so stop falling in love with her. Change my mind
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    This is unfortunately exactly the situation. It's actually only a small handful of fake people who just constantly keep switching accounts and IPs. I kill the accounts when I find them, but I miss a lot. Report them to me when you see them and I'll deal with them
    I know you do your best I just feel bad for the people who keep falling for it. It seems like it’s so obvious but dreamers can dream haha
    It honestly doesn't surprise me that people continue to fall for this stuff. In a similar vein, people can readily see how corrupt government is, yet they still vote with the same naive belief that so-and-so politician will make it better this time around and then act surprised when the person is just as corrupt as their opposition.

    Most people are gullible by nature. If people can still believe in socialism, astrology, global warming, ridiculous COVID restrictions, and flat earth theory, then it's not a stretch to also fall for catfishing.