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Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal


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I have not had much time to work on writing since my last post; however, I was able to do some today. Mostly, I outlined a future story that I am excited about. It will not interfere with the publication of either of my current stories; I will write it in conjunction with the next Ashley Grable story, much like how the current one is being written alongside the first Megan Huntley story.

Speaking of Megan Huntley, I have also been able to make some progress on Window of Opportunity, Part 2! I wrote, then rewrote the introductory paragraph; the initial attempt wasted too much time reintroducing characters from part 1, so I jumped straight to bringing in the last two cast members and giving them quick descriptions. I also figured out that, due to some changes from the first draft, I needed to change how poor, suspicious Megan finds herself being tickled; having done so, I feel a great deal more confident going forward. An explanation, devoid of any context except the story title: I changed which direction Megan climbs through a window from

Current word count: 134. Target word count: 1250. 10.7% complete
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Progress Updates , Megan Huntley Progress