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Wench for a day

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Quote Originally Posted by Husnock View Post
"Wenched for a Day" was part of a very big scandal around 2002-2005 where video tapes were advertised for sale but were never delivered. There were two previous tapes of tickling at a sorority function (Sorority 1 & 2) as well as a "Renfaire Tape" of earlier general tickling at a renascence faires in the 1980s. The only tape which was ever delivered was "Sorority 1" and then only after months of delays. The other 4 to 5 tapes people had paid about $50 a piece for but the money simply disappeared, and the tapes were never delivered. the company that was purported to make the tapes then stopped answering letters and a complaint to the Better Business Bureau indicating the company had never existed and was probably a front.

Around 2005, a lawyer in New York tried to start a class action lawsuit, in particular since there had been some type of additional fraud in New York City where the creator of these tapes had also claimed to have been a 9/11 victims (said he was in the towers when the planes hit) and had tried to collect money "for survivors". The man had not been in the towers and the money collection was also a scam. The New York city case never went anywhere, but the unpaid video tapes got to the point of being filed, yet was withdrawn after people didn't want to go on the record about having bought those tapes. Early 2000s internet was still a bit new (hard to believe) and people who bought tickling videos online were considered kinda "weird".

As for the man who made those tapes, it's been nearly twenty years now, so people have moved on. I don't have anything against him, but he did make a lot of enemies because of this affair.
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