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Wife Sammy Helps Men Understand What Women Want MMMF sexual

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A quick refresher…my wife Sammy is an early 40’s, long legged, well-built blonde in great shape who enjoys being a female. She has wound up in a few situations described in previous "Wife Sammy..." posts that while not planned, let’s just say worked out for all involved.

Again, as is required by her job, she wound up at a conference at location down south with three other staff, all male coincidentally, whom she knew pretty well from the home office. On the second day of the conference, after two days of attendance, the conference organizers planned a festive evening event, billing it as a southern cultural experience, complete with a “Li’l Abner” type theme and encouraged the attendees to come dressed in southern garb, including having a contest for best costumes in the southern style.

Being in the south, it was a bit warm, and many attendees had obviously decided to partake in the evening festivities and came dressed, some really going all out. Sammy decided to go for the Daisy Duke look, wearing a white halter top, mid stomach exposed, tied in the front with a big bow, complimented by a mid thigh jean type skirt, dark thigh high nylons (she hates pantyhose), and mid height strapless heels as super high heels are so uncomfortable she says (plus, with her long legs, she doesn’t need anymore accenting as I’ve told her).

While many other female attendees also dressed in the southern fare, when Sammy walked into to the lounge area, suitably decorated for the event, apparently she as usual attracted a bit of attention as she grabbed a white wine off the waiter walking by and headed over to where the other three guys from her office were already sitting, in a nice half moon sofa. They immediately stood up out of respect to allow her to have a place, in the middle of them of course, but couldn’t help whistling a bit and commenting on her outfit.

“Oh, this old thing?” Sammy said in a deep sexy voice, playing along with the atmosphere of the event. She was a bit nervous and put down the first wine quickly, and one of the guys, Hal, signaled the waiter for another round for all of them.

As they sat there, getting a bit more buzzed, the soft music started, and Sammy commented to the guys, that this was quite the event, with lots of eye candy for them. One of them, Beau, quickly told her that he thought she was providing plenty of eye candy right here! The other two guys quickly agreed and added further she needed to give them a break. She laughed, crossing her legs, and as she did, she noticed all three of them looking at her movements to which she commented for them to quit oogling her! The third guy, Chas, stated that wasn’t possible, guys do what they do…

Sammy, now starting her third wine, decided to play along a bit and said, “What is it guys like to do?” Beau picked up immediately and started describing the look up, the look down, the look straight ahead, the immediate fantasizing, to which the others agreed.

Sammy replied, “So all that has already happened with little ‘ol me?” They all laughed and said while they hadn’t traded notes or thoughts, probably all were having the same thoughts about what they would do to her which elicited a big laugh from Sammy.

Going further, and with the effect of the wine, Sammy said, “So, I’ll bet you boys would love to hear what women like wouldn’t you, as my husband tells me men usually just want to get into the hard sex as quickly as possible, but what do men really know about what women want?”

All three guys said, almost at the same time…please do tell, we are all ears.

Sammy said what women want can be summed up in 3 words…”Listen, Slow, Gentle”. Listen to what the woman wants, either verbally or in her physical response, proceed Slowly, and be Gentle. That’s it.”

Beau said, “You have to provide details Sammy, we are simple tools. Tell us more about the literal process, the moves, etc.”

Sammy said “Well, women have very sensitive bodies generally speaking, all over, not just “the good parts” as my hubby would say. We like to be caressed, we like to be coddled, we like light touches, we like to take time. We are like the difference between a gas stove that is hot instantly, you men, and an electric stove that heats up slowly but still can get just as hot.”

Hal said his experience is sometimes when he’s tried the caressing, etc., the lady winds up being too ticklish, jumping around. Sammy interrupts him and says “Look guys, light tickling can be erotic, can be fun, should be no stronger than getting us to giggle a bit, to squirm a bit, not hard tickling; that is just mean. A foot massage is divine, and a slight little tickle here and there is fun…or a back massage, grazing over the ribs just to elicit a squirm or two and a giggle…it all works if done slowly, gently, and making sure to listen to the woman say stop it and HOW she says stop it!”

Chas says, “Sounds like an autobiography here Sammy!”
Sammy said “Hey, in the interest of helping men understand us complicated and VERY sensitive creatures (said in a very sexy low voice), I’m willing to share some of my sexuality…well that and the effect of this wine!”

Beau says…”continue please, more detail. What happens next?”

Sammy says “Do I have to draw you a picture? You then move to a very gentle caressing of, as my hubby says, the good parts! In many ways, but of course, each woman has her favorite(s) I’m sure. Mine, (taking another gulp of wine) happens to be, well, oral oriented, and I think that is true of most women, but who knows, there are exceptions to every rule.”

Chas says “Oral? As in you on the receiving end I presume”

Sammy responds, in a very sexy voice “Of course, but let me tell you boys, if done the way I describe, trust me, if I’m taken care of nicely, you will be too…whew, this wine is doing it boys!”

With that, some folks journeyed to the dance floor, as some soft slow dancing music had started. Chas decided what the hell, and asked Sammy to the floor. She got up and journeyed with him, immediately putting her arms around his neck, leaving his hands nowhere to go but to her bare sides. Sammy jumped slightly, commenting “I’m quite ticklish on my sides young man, so be careful!” Chas said, ‘OK, but I want to get that giggle you were mentioning!”

Before they could leave the floor, another song started and Beau came out and took over, having the same reaction as he put his hands, but this time more on her bare back, and again she giggled slightly, telling him he seemed to have paid attention.

A third song and of course, Hal had to follow, but he didn’t leave his hands in one place, he moved them up and down Sammy’s back and ribs, eliciting constant light giggles from Sammy.

When they came back to the table, Sammy commented “I obviously have created three horny boys here who like to touch, who like to tickle a bit, and who listened to my pleas for all women – listen, slow, gentle.”

All three of the guys said that Sammy was driving them wild with her see through halter, which the light tickling seemed to have created “goose bumps” in the right places, and her long legs driving them nuts.

Sammy said “Well boys, it goes both ways…as I’ve told you, if I’m taken care of, I take care of those taking care of me….I’m just frisky enough tonight, what the heck….you guys want to head up and do a slow, gentle, group grope? If you make it worth my time, I’ll make it worth yours. Three on me, then solos with each of you! I’m just tipsy and horny enough to do this as long as you listen to me.”

When they got upstairs to her room, Sammy sat on the bed, told one of them to pull the bow on her halter, the other to pull it off, and the third to slide her skirt off. With that Sammy leaned back on the bed, now only in her thigh high dark stockings as the gstring was discarded with the skirt, and commanded two to start on each foot and leg, and the third to stretch her arms out and give her a nice oral chest massage.

Needless to say, the giggling never stopped as the boys had learned, and Sammy about went nuts being lightly tickled, licked, sucked, with each guy taking a turn orally on her pussy while the other two gently sucked her nipples. After her third orgasm, she said, “I want you, one at a time, let’s get it on. I focus on one at a time and fuck their brains out while the other two can watch and if possible, suck my tits while I get fucked!”

Nobody remembers much more after that command….