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Where I've Been...

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I never posted a real update for what I've been up to for the past couple of years.

Since I was able to start participating in kink communities in-person two years ago, I've been much more satisfied with my kink life. I started using Fetlife more because of that, where it's been easier to find people to meet up with who share my different kink interests- not just tickling. I also had a partner at the time whom I shared a lot with. I had everything I needed, so I didn't feel the need to use TMF much.

The reason I wasn't able to participate irl for a few years is simply because I was freshly going into college at the time. Still needed to rely on my family some for support and saw them often, and all that. When I moved, I was much further away from them. I was able to support myself more independently over time, and therefore more easily participate in kink without the risk of them finding out. I keep my kink life very private to those outside of those communities.

I'm graduating soon, starting a new job, trying to take the next step in a new relationship. The past year has been quite overwhelming, with so many moving parts in my personal life. But I'm confident in the future. And I miss posting here! As busy as I am, I do want to try returning. I also have an experience I want to share that I'm going to post about very soon.

It feels nice to post again. I hope you are all well! <3
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    It's always nice to see you here, friend! Here's to all the life upgrades