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Current Fantasy- I Have Many... But Right Now! What's Yours? 🤭🤫 F/M

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How It Began:

I want to tickle a guy completely out of his suit. Just pin him down and torture his ticklish body in his business attire! He breaks just enough for me to remove his sports coat... TICKLE TICKLE! Then his dress pants... TICKLE! His shirt! "Are you ticklish, Sir?" TICKLE! Only his socks, his boxers, and his tie remain. "Don't cry!" Maybe I'll remove those too! 😈😘

Oh... See what you made me do? Now I have to write about it, write about you. BUT THIS ISN'T about me! This is about this man in a suit.


The Man In the Suit!

First, I am sitting on his lap and I tickle him and tease him for a moment. He grabs my hands a bit, but doesn't take me seriously. We're having fun; we're flirting! I stick my hands inside his suit jacket and wiggle my hands up into his armpits. He clamps down his arms on my fingers, but that doesn't stop me. His eyes widen and then squeeze shut tightly as that booming laugh of his takes over. It catches in his throat a little as he suddenly realizes that I'm not stopping.

If he lifts his arms to stop me, it'll free me up to tickle him with even more intensity. The grin on my face tells him EXACTLY what I am thinking. He is trapped, but goes for it anyway. He doesn't realize how strong I am, especially when he is snickering uncontrollably. I easily pin him down, my thick thighs pressing into his torso, and my hands expertly snaking around him poking, grabbing, dancing around his ticklish ribs and belly! AND somehow I am able to keep my balance and my grip on his body as he starts bucking underneath me.

"Oh? You are SOOO very ticklish, aren't you? I'd forgotten how much!" I am, of course, lying! He is begging now, but I'm unrelenting!

"You're wrinkling your nice suit, Gorgeous! Do you want me to stop? Hmmm.... I'll stop! Say your safe word?"

I know him, though! He's like me, so he's stubborn as hell. And I know he'll take it and take it and take it until the only thing that exists in his entire universe is that SAFE WORD and sweet relief from the tickling... IF only for one moment.... Just hold up a second? Should I let him catch his breath?

"Say it! Say it for me!"

Eventually, reluctantly, he complies.

I stroke his face, kiss him softly; I rub his shoulders and his chest. I gently help him out of his sweaty sports coat. I stretch and massage his arms, giving him relief. I press my soft breasts on his body, move my hips against his just enough to barely hear him moan; I feel him underneath me. He is too distracted to notice the restraints on the bed. I fasten one wrist and pin the other one.


"You can say your lil safe word any time!" I whisper with an evil chuckle as I secure the other wrist and slide myself down his body toward his feet. He grows even harder, and I know HE knows I can feel it.

I bind both of his ankles and slip the fancy loafers off of his feet. I can hear him giggling at me as he watches me lose a bit of my control. I smell his feet clad in soft, silky black, thin socks. They smell like warm and salty rich soil. I barely resist placing my nose and my lips directly on the pads of his left foot. I open my eyes and rip myself away dead set on punishing him for his amused tittering.

"Let's begin!"


    I have this little detail I enjoy when it's my turn to get tickled... I like being tied while wearing a button up dress shirt. Soon the shirt is unbuttoned and I'm exposed. I think it's the excitement of feeling protected by it and then having that protection disappear.
    As far as mine... I could be here all night telling you those.
    Ok.... I'll read each and every one! LOL
    I like the Sir you threw in there... The juxtaposition... Very sexy.