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Ticklefanatic15's Writing Journal

Reflections on "Window of Opportunity" and "Working Late"

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Well, this was my big experiment in breaking stories into parts and alternating between two stories, and I would say it worked well. I am almost always somewhat unmotivated (about life in general, not just writing), but this kept burnout to a minimum - relatively short periods of writer's block hindered both stories, but I also had some moments of major productivity, putting out multiple installments within a month.

I plan to continue this general pattern, alternating Ashley Grable stories with other 'lees (the next of whom is not Megan, but was hinted at in Megan's story), at least until Ashley's story is told, but first, I intend to write collected and revised versions of both Window of Opportunity and Working Late - single stories, more consistent with ideas for future installments that hadn't been decided until late in the writing process (and more consistent with where the story itself eventually went, in WoO's case)

I am unsure how long that will take - revision has never been a strong suit of mine - but hopefully they will both be done before the end of the year
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