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Response: Micro Aggressions, Barely Veiled Racism, & Why Politics ... Limited on TMF

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Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Tickler View Post
I was going to reply to this, but I can see there were posts taken out to really make this look one sided. Folks, I ain't no racist and if you think I am then that's on you. I'm half white and half hispanic. I've delt with racist people all my life and I ain't for it. Now, as for her getting butt hurt, that on her cause I didn't take ANYTHING in a racist direction. I don't know if she or y'all are aware of this or not.......but there's more than just black people in the damn ghetto, just like there's more than just white people in the trailer Parkes (I grew up in a trailer park and we had all kinds of people). As for my love of Dixie, I ain't apologizing for that. I use to be like EVERYONE else and thing the same thing. "It was over slavory" and "the south just wanted to keep slaves". Yeah, learn real fast that was BS. Oh, and guess where I learned that from first? Not only my dad, but also from a BLACK MAN!!! As the years went on I dug deeper and learned more and more. Here's an interesting little bit of info. There were rich blacks that owned black slaves. So did Indian tribes. The North, who claimed to care so much.......yeah, they had them too. Yes, slavory was evil. Anyone who says is wasn't is a PoS. However, the south didn't break off to keep slaves. That's a damn lie. Now, this is a damn fetish site, not a history site. You can believe what you want but I've educated myself with the help of not only whites, but also blacks, hispanics, and many others. So, shove this post up your ass and know that if you want to hate me, GO FOR IT. I've been hated for lies before. It is what it is. By the way, I wasn't the only person in the chat that thinks Atlanta sucks. So have a great day/night ��


If the TMF wants to take down my account, go for it. I've been coming here for over 20 years and if this is how it ends, so be it. Here, I'll give you a real reason to hate my ass. Ready?

George Floyd got what he deserved. Not cause he's black, but cause he held a hun to a pregnant woman's stomach and did it in front of a child. Your damn skin shade don't mean a damn thing to me. Trash comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin shades. There, now you can ban me ��

Updated 09-18-2023 at 07:29 PM by Sunriseticklee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Tickler
    in response to links from another user with transcripts from secession speeches/ proclamations.

    Here, change this �� Fuck you and George Floyd.
    As for your links, yeah I've done my share of reading in 36 years. You can believe what you want. I'll believe what I learned.
    The South did secede over slavery for sure. The North didn't enter the war to end it though. They entered it to "preserve the Union." Lincoln was quoted on multiple occasions that he was open to bringing the country back together without ending slavery. When the Emancipation Proclamation was made, it didn't even free the slaves in areas controlled by the Union. It was a statement that the slaves in areas still controlled by the South were free, which made it more of a virtue signal than an actual liberation. It wasn't until after the war that the 13th Amendment actually freed all of the slaves. Even so, it still allows for slavery of inmates, which explains why unpaid prison labor is still allowed.
    Who is this comment for?
    I was just providing context. What often gets lost in discussions about the Civil War is that the North was not as virtuous as many assume.
    I don't need context.
    I'm well aware of history, and I do my own research.

    I don't need a history lesson from anyone on my blog. Also, this isn't the point.

    Take care!