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My Final Response: Micro Aggressions, Barely Veiled Racism, & Why Politics.....

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Quote Originally Posted by Sunriseticklee View Post
In case you have not noticed, this thread was moderated and there were posts removed from the thread when Outlaw Tickler ranted, raved, said the usual textbook statements/ talking points many racists say, randomly called out and cursed a Black man who was killed by the hand of law enforcement, and then cursed those who attempted to provide historically accurate primary resources to discount his theories.

There is more information located on my blog.

This post was simply to inform. I want our community to know exactly the kind of people you could potentially be playing with/ and or dealing with. I know there are plenty of people who feel a certain way about us, and I know that most of them are speaking from a place of hate, ignorance, and fear, BUT there is no way to predict how that hate will surface and impact those people around them. Safety is paramount!

Take heed to the other responses that remain. They are also very telling of the type of people we have within this community. I gleaned exactly what was necessary from them.

More insidious is the person who quietly pushes someone to explode and do the violence for them. They whisper about preserving their way of life and speak of aggressive actions of others as if they don't have the same ugly, racist beliefs. They pretend that since they sow seeds of discord and hate without getting their hands completely dirty, that we are fooled into thinking that they are safe. They are not.

But I appreciate your fear of me enough to remove the DM you sent me on Reddit before I ever got to see it. You think you can hide, but you are fully seen. I love the power that simply my skin, my presence, my success, my eloquence, my intelligence, my refusal to be removed triggers you just that much that you couldn't resist attempting to get at me privately. BUT thought better of it. Your fear is delicious! Our resilience is legendary. We will not be erased. Retreat back into hiding, Dark Ridiculous.

That is all.
Be informed.
Have a good week.

Updated 09-18-2023 at 07:28 PM by Sunriseticklee