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There was no chance to fight back. There never was. Kira couldn't grit her teeth, but she could bite down onto the gag and focus on the ache burning through her jaw, or she could make fists until her manicure threatened to pierce through her palms; anything to distract from the forced compliance of leather and steel.
The same old voice purred with that irritating, smug satisfaction. You just don't learn, do you Slave? A Metal band snapped shut around her big toe and the sweats started to come hard. These feet just keep getting you into trouble, don't they? Maybe our lessons need to be a little more… Memorable. By the time all ten lay shackled it was trickling from Kira's curves like raindrops on a window. My, my. Look at that big old peach sweating. You sure know how to get a girl flustered, Slave. Something heavy started thrashing through the air around her soles, the thrumming prickling her ear drums and the sheer turbulence of it freezing her veins. You're getting an extra ten for distracting me.
Leather tails crashed down upon Kira's soles, punching into the arches and a shockwave rippled through the flesh of the heel and ball. Barely a breath was sucked back when a second explosion of pain erupted in the same spots. Cuffs rattled against the bench legs and Kira clung to them as a third strike seared pink streaks across her soles with such violence the colours exploded behind her eyelids. She screamed. Her eyes bugged. Every muscle in her body locked in a flex at number four and by five her hair was whipping blurred arcs around her head as instinct overrode sense and she threw herself around looking for some weak spot in the bondage but nothing so much as creaked and when six thundered into her skin bubbles shot around the seams between lip and gag and she gurgled a scream for mercy. I said it's gonna be memorable. We're going to a hundred this time, Slave. You're gonna remember this time who you fucking belong to.
SevenEightNineTen and Kira's feet were on fire and panic caught in her chest with the end an impossible distance away and the immobility in the face of such excruciating agony caused waves of nausea to bubble in her belly and somewhere around number eighteen she lost count and the pain blinded her and she screamed into the darkness. The tails altered their aim and ripples shuddered through the balls of her feet. A loose edge snapped around her toenails and Kira lost her bladder. Her toes became the focus and as she drifted in and out of consciousness, Kira became Pain.

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