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Star Trek: The Kurch Generation (Part 2)

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*The Borg are intiating communications with the Enterprise are a brutal intital attack*

Commander Kurch: Put the communication up on the screen Warf.

Warf: Aye Aye Commander.

The Borg Commander:

Perspiration Is Senile!

Commander Kurch: Perspiration Is Senile?????

*The Borg Commander's assistant whipsers to him thats "Resistance is Futile!". The Borg Commander somewhat pissed whspers back "Well its a bit late now. The whole scary effect thing has been lost." The assistant whispers back "Well just say it with more authority." The Borg Commander sighs,

The Borg Commander:

Resistance is Futile!

Commander Kurch: We shall never surrender to the likes of you Borg.

The Borg Commander:

Prepare to be Stimulated!!

Commander Kurch: What????

*The Borg Commander's Assistant whispers thats "Prepare to be Assimilated!". The Borg Commander is even more angry now and says :Sheesh Now I really look like a galactic douche bag." The assistant says "No no just say it with more authority again." The Borg Commander sighs.*

The Borg Commnader:

Prepare to be Assimilated!!!

Commander Kurch: Never!!!

Commander Kurch: Close the hailing frequencies Warf. All stations on red alert.

Warf: Yes Commander.

Commander Kurch: Data get all the crew to the battle stations.

Data: Unfortunately that not possible Commander Kurch.

Commander Kurch: Why not?

Data: All the troops are playing out fantasies in the Holodeck sir.

Commander Kurch: Grrrr! Darn Holodeck! Why did I ever put that thing in.

Data: 87.23562% of the fantasies involve Councelor Troi.

Commander Kurch: Well isnt that nice. Guess she is serving some purpose then. Is Dr Krusher son Woosie available at least?

Data: His name is Wesley sir and no he is not. He is playing World Of Warcraft.

Commander Kurch: Sheesh its the 24th century and people are still playing that.

Data: Its lots of fun sir. I am an 84th level Dark Elf myself.

Commader Kurch: How nice. Well looks like its up to us to save the ship and Earth.

Data: I have an idea sir on how to defeat the Borg.

Commander Kurch: Great Data. Lets hear it.

(To Be Continured.)
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    Very amusing parody.