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    hi I'm Paul
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    Drop a line in pm sometime, we'll catch up.
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    What's new with you?
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    It's been pretty tough lately. Not everything's going so well, tbh.
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    I see you're back on. Hope all is well.
  6. Thanks for adding me !!! You're awesome to chat with
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    I wish you lived here so that I can see if you'd tire me out.
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    Great profile there bellylaughs
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About Bellylaughs

Basic Information

About Bellylaughs
NB/gender fluid
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
I'm ticklish almost everywhere, except for my feet somehow. I'm very open about spots and even techniques that work best, so don't be afraid to ask!
In a Word:
Hi! I'm Amanda, but please just refer to me by Belly if i haven't known you for long. I'm a lee who uses tickling as a stress relief especially because I've learned that i am asexually oriented, which means i am not attracted to anybody. It's nothing personal! All of my hormones work and i have an average libido, but no desire to take part in the sex side of tickling. Or sex at all, really.

Even though I know that for most people there's an interplay between love and hate when it comes to tickling, i don't seem to feel the hate side very strongly if at all. That doesn't mean i don't reflexively buck and thrash and roll but i mean, it's a reflex. So you'd better be strong or have ropes. I'm not claustrophobic, though watching cave explorers navigate those tiny tubes in the rock gives me the heebie jeebies. Rope is forgiving. Stone, not so much. With the way i got into tickling, I'm 99.99997% sure that as a lee, I'm pretty unbreakable. If you think you can make me actually beg/cry/yell at you to stop, get in line. Just get in line. I promise all of you will fall. And if i lose? Idk. I might just have to give you five dollars or something idk.

When i tell you i am a metalhead, i mean it. I may forego a session in peak crave because some band i like is coming to town. It takes about two notes for me to either recognize a song and get HYPE or immediately be intrigued and listen much more closely. That's not to say that i never listen to anything else. I cut my musical teeth on classical, and I'm even a classically trained violinist (rusty as all get out though ngl) and I've also participated in marching band, which is how i got into metal in the first place. Ask me about it, I'll write a novel! I also listen to other rock genres, and have a cursory knowledge of jazz. Most of what I learned long ago didn't stick to my brain well, so i can't promise anything.

I'm also a huge Rennie, not only a huge rennie but i LARP. ........ I know. But in lieu of concerts (aka shows) AND sessions this past couple of years I've learned i also really like smacking peeps with foam padded sticks. Ask me which LARP, or about my characters! I'll write another novel!

PLEASE do not private message me if your greeting looks anything like "m" "horny" "hi wanna fuck??"
Do not RP with me unless you ask! This is out of necessity, as RP usually puts me in a crave spiral that is hard to get out of. Rarely, i can handle it, but ASK!

Anything else you need to know about me can be known! Just ask me, I'm friendly and i work through misunderstandings instead of throwing you right under the bus. I do have a strike system. Three strikes, I'll pretend you don't exist. You've been warned.
somewhere in the eastern half of the United States
Camping, hiking, tickling, LARP, leathercraft, textiles, wood carving, turning, finishing, and joining, rocks/crystals, pets and wildlife, gardening, metal including power, thrash, prog, hair, and some death, violin anything, adventure and fantasy
Cashier, sanitization, and carts in a grocery store


Watch out, I have an extremely competitive spirit when it comes to leeing. I might laugh but you'll never make me say uncle!

I'm a


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Recent Entries

It Shouldn't be This Way

by Bellylaughs on 06-08-2020 at 02:31 AM
Being white i could not possibly know what black men and women, sometimes even children, go through every day of their lives.

But i know it shouldn't be this way. There is a grave injustice being done. Unarmed and unresisting black people are being assaulted, punched, kicked over, knocked down, degraded, kneeled on, and needlessly killed.

My friends at the TMF, my heart hurts for you. It truly does. If you are black, it hurts in response to the ever-growing list

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How I Really Got Into Tickling

by Bellylaughs on 02-16-2015 at 02:16 AM
Hi everyone. I wanted to share how I ended up being as hooked as I am too tickling, which is a LOT.

My story is rather odd, and involves some things that are a little disturbing, so if you're easily disturbed please think on if you really want to continue further.




Now that you've decided, I will begin.

My tickling story started normally enough, when I was a kid I liked tickling but it wasn't

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