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    Thank you for the chat of tonight!of fun, talking with you!
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    The purpose of a ban is to remove disruptive members from the chat room.

    You were a disruptive member. You were removed.

    Based on your last message, I am of the impression that if allowed re-entry you would gleefully repeat your behavior again. And thus continue to be disruptive. So I'm leaning toward leaving things as they are.

    I'll review again in a few months.

    'outing' people is a GR offense. None of us can prove the gender of people in chat. It's a seriously offensive thing to do. For every 'real' fake you nail, there are some real women who get called guys and are hurt by it and leave.

    Read me, I see such behavior as attacks on individuals. and I do not tolerate personal attacks. For any reason.

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    You were not banned for what was happening when you were banned. You were banned for the actions you took before that.

    Just because everything ended in the chat room doesn't make what you said or did any more valid. Or excuse it.

    You own what you did.

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    Based on the screen shots of the interaction I saw, my take differs significantly. But I'll review what I have and revisit my call. No promises this will change things. But I'll look again.

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    Currently it's a perma-ban. Your actions were so far past the line that you couldn't see it anymore. That I left the account alive on forum was a tip of the hat to your long community involvement. But what ever caused you to go off on a room full of people the way you did, I can't honestly allow to happen in the room again.

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