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  1. Winston Salem. What about you?
  2. Hey! I'm in NC as well .
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    hey when can we expect new models?
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    Mikey, any word my man?

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    hey man lets chat im on and so are you see what we can do for nc
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    Happy birthday!
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    hey wassup, wat happened to ya, check ur inbox on this site negro and get back wit me, please just let me kno ur alive and all is well wit cha
  9. saw you're in NC...just letting you know there's a munch in Durham on Saturday at 2 pm at the Cheesecake Factory at South Point mall! Hope to see you there!
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    yo man, just recheckin back up on ya, hit me up sometime, lol
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About ticklishmikey

Basic Information

About ticklishmikey
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
My feet are the most ticklish, but I'm ticklish everywhere!
In a Word:
Vanilla Me:
I'm a big nerd. I like comics and anything to do with them, especially movies. Speaking of movies, I love movies/film. There are a few genres I don't care for. The first is war films, specifically the ones based on actual events. It's not that they aren't good, they are just hard to watch on an emotional level for me. The second is romance. Sorry ladies, but I tend to find a lot of them gag inducing. Lol. I just have a hard time buying into them. The third is comedy. I rarely laugh at comedies, specifically the newer ones. Don't get me wrong, I love laughter, but, and this is just me, a lot of the cleverness in comedy is sacrificed for the simple unoriginal gag. But at any rate, I believe in giving a movie a fighting chance. So if you recommend it, I will put it on my list of things to watch and I WILL watch it.

I'm also an actor. Mainly stage at the current, but I'm trying to transition into film. I'd love, even if it's just once, to be on the big screen in either a good drama or one of the comic and/or geek culture movies. That's where i'd like to be and I'm working up to that slowly, but surely.

I'm a recent university graduate and I'm currently working as an integrations engineer. I love the job. I'm really like thing people and the environment. I'm hoping to be there a very long time.

What else? I like video games. I like to play with friends, but I also like to indulge in a very good story driven RPG. No first person shooters please. I mean, I'll play if you ask, but like 3, manybe 4 rounds. We can all get a laugh out of how horrible I am and then move on.

Not so vanilla me:
On to the spicy stuff, I guess? I do have a foot fetish. I love well taken care of bare feet on a woman. I love playing with them (rubbing, messing with the toes, etc.), looking at them, watching the toes wiggle and flex whether we are friends or more than that. I have engaged with foot worship, but that is 100% reserved for any woman I am in a relationship with. I have engaged in it outside of a relationship before and even though I was single, it felt wrong. Same would go for foot jobs. Yes, I have had the. Yes I like it. My ex actually got me into them, ironically enough. But it's still only something i would ever do with my significant other. It's like kissing or having sex with someone you don't know for me. It just doesn't feel right.

Something that kind of goes well with my foot fetish is that I love being teased and/or made to blush. Whether it is playful banter or something to get me hot and bothered, the quickest way to put me in a bit of a submissive mode is to get me a bit flustered. Luckily it isn't hard to do most times. I do have some friends that take advantage of that.

Third, I have a tickle fetish!I love to tickle and be tickled, be it playful or flat out, brutal torture. The latter hasn't really happened with me on the lee side as of yet, but there have been some that have given me a run for my money. Tying and tickling is so exhilarating to me from both sides. If you can't tell, I'm a switch. For tickling, I'm 55/45 sub/dom and for foot fetish, I'm 70/30 giving/receiving. I understand male feet aren't as attractive as female, but I think mine are pretty awesome.

Now all of these fetishes do combine into one massive foot tickling fetish. If a girl has ticklish and pretty feet, it's an automatic turn on. This is what I lust for. This is what gets my rocks off. This is the creme de la creme. However you want to phrase it. It's my passion and weakness. Now i love having my feet tickled as i am extremely ticklish, most of all on my stomach and my feet. However, this is where I can get pretty sadistic if I'm allowed to cut loose on a girl's feet. The softer and more ticklish a woman's feet are, the louder they laugh and the more they react to the touch of my fingers over their soles, the more I kind of lose myself in that. The more I will not relent unless I hear a safeword and hopefully I'm not too far gone to hear it. I don't mind tools, but I am 97% a finger tickler. I need to feel the bare soles under my finger tips. I had a session once where I tickled a friend's feet for over 90 minutes and actually orgasmed from the sensation of just tickling and hearing her laugh and scream. It was really glorious and I long for that sensation again. I used been known for sneakily devising ways to tickle certain friends that I have. But that was years ago. I'm a long dry spell So, if we become friends and you have ticklish feet, you have been warned. Lol. Rest assured, i never go full on tickle demon unless you want me to cut loose. Because then all bets are off. I understand that I am very susceptible to revenge tickling and that I'm more likely more ticklish than you are. You're welcome to try, if you can catch me. Just because i love it, doesn't mean i will make it easy on you. You have to work for it and then you have to make me pay for making you work. On the lee side, I am often dreaming of someone who tickles me worse and much longer than I tickle her, focusing on my feet. No safeword for me.

Like I said, I am a switch. Therefore, I like playing both sides. I like being on top, but I enjoy a woman taking charge and who isn't afraid to get a bit rough and physical. I mean, don't beat me up or anything, but don't be afraid to pin me down and take advantage.

I know the last couple of paragraphs were way out there from where i started, but it has a lot to do with me suppressing all of that in at a younger age so now it's kind of raging inside me a bit. Lol. If you're into what I'm into, by all means, take advantage of that. You might just enjoy it a bit more.

What I'm looking for:
Friends, play partners, and yes, a relationship eventually. I have been struggling with being poly or mono. I guess the best way I can say it is, anything i deem bedroom worthy is only for one person, that of whom I love. But I love tickling so much that, want my potential partner to be my main lee/ler, but is open to another joining in. I don't know. Let's talk and go from there. One thing at a time. Lol

Random stats:
I'm Black, Native American and a little Asian.
I'm 6'5"
Shoe size is 12.5"-13.5" (depending on the shoe)
If I like you, and we are messaging each other, i'm going to ask if you're barefoot eventually in most of the succeeding conversations. Lol
north carolina
foot tickling obviously, comic, movies, superhero films, filmmaking, acting, reviewing movies,


Just a nerdy guy looking for his ticklish "sole" mate.


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