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    Hi Arianna, you sound very sexy and adorable! I would love to get my fingers on those tiny little feet. Thank you for posting!
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    Thank you so much for the friend request! I am LOVING your work! Hot and delicious!

    Your obedient servant,
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    Wow! Well, thank you very much. Finally, again, a mature woman into the arts. I used to play a few years ago, have been on hold for a spell, (health issues,) and hope someday to return to those days again.
    I have done roleplay, psychological torment, (Bwa ha ha ha ha,) but it's more the sensual delights of shared play. I can write later when there's more time, but again, thank you for the request.
    And you're lucky to have a husband who is also equally into tickling as you are.
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About mzzmra

Basic Information

Date of Birth
April 4th, 1967 (56)
About mzzmra
'ler, 'lee or both:
Where am I ticklish?:
Every inch of my skin is ticklish but most of all belly and navel. I am more sensibile to soft and slow touches than "hard" touches
In a Word:
Hi, I am Arianna, 56 y.o. I have a fetish about imagining stories where I am a spy captured, tied, stripped and tickled for informations by a tickler of my enemy organization.

My favourite fantasy is to be captured and carried in a secret interrogations room and left tied there. Then the torturer comes. As I deny to talk, he scares me telling me which ways he will use to make me talk. He shows me feathers, tickling devices, tickling insects, animals trained to licking torture, toothbrushes, his fingertips! As I deny to talk again he tells me that he loves to watch at beautiful women's suffering.

Slowly, very slowly, he begins to undress me. I struggle in vain while he carefully unbuttons and cuts my clothes. Finally I am completely naked and I can see his lustful eyes on my body. I am at his mercy and he is going to begin the tickling....a feather is very close to my face, it begins to caress my nose, my lips, my cheeks while I turn desperately left and right my face to avoid it. With no hurry the feather touches my neck softly. It tickles! Then, cruelly, I see my tickler watching at my body and feel the feather going down, slowly. Oh my....! The nasty tool is going surely to explore all my exposed naked body! In a few time I know I will be moaning and laughing!

My favourite tickler is an expert old man (or woman), best if has creative ideas in tickling games. My husband is a tickling addicted like me and usually have fun together with tickling sessions.

One of my favourite fantasies:
I am a female milf secret agent spy. The enemy organization is a chinese one. In my last mission I work undercover in Hong Kong for some secret agent's business. Never mind what exatcly. One day they kidnap me. They bring me to their secret location with a hood in the head as I can't remember the way. They bring me at the presence of Mao Ping. I know that he is an expert old pervert specialized in torturing prisoners. As I deny to talk, he gives order to his servants to bring me in his dungeon. The dungeon is furnished in chinese style, with pictures of dragons on the wooden walls. Mao Ping gives order to the servants to strap me to the wooden floor. Face up, arms open wide and legs tied together. In "T" position. As we remain alone, me and him, in the room, he shows me 2 cats waiting in a corner. He tells me that they are trained to tickle a woman crazy with their rough tickling tongues. I must be strong, I deny again to talk. So, Mao Ping, begins with cruel pleasure to strip me, cutting my dress away to expose every inch of my skin to the tongues. Then, when I am completely naked, the cats slowly move towards me. I struggle in vain, I am stuck to the floor.. The 2 felines start to slowly and softly lick me. From the feet to the armpits. I struggle, laugh, moan, scream, twist but I am bound and helpless. The cats are enjoying their dirty "job". Mao Ping, sitting on a comfortable armchair, looks at the sexy "show" with lustful sadistic eyes. The lurid filthy pig now is slowly touching himself! Oh my.....how much could I resist? Chinese people can be very refined when they torture someone!

We sometimes record video clips of my sexy adventures and post the clips on Clips4sale, my nick is "smwife" there. My private "secret" email is [email protected]. Kisses by Arianna
tickling scenarios, plots, RP, games



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