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  • Hi! I`m alone and want to chat up with some guy. But it`s not very comfortable here,
    so if you can than find me by login: X-PUSSY and wite me HERE:smilestar
    Hi mongoslade2g,

    I tried to send a message to you through the webmaster email at TickledSole.

    I remember you from when we both use to attend the Tuesday night socials for Sole of Chicago at the Bennigan's on 159th and Torrence.

    I've been working hard trying to tell someone in the foot fetish industry about a female friend of my whose interested in breaking into the game.

    She white and has a soft wide pair of size 10's with extra high arches!

    She would be a definite winner as a new model to put in your clips.

    She's looking to make some extra income and just needs a chance to get into the game.

    She has a Facebook page too you can look her up as "Gabriela Souza" on Facebook.

    When you get a chance go ahead and take a look and I promise you won't be disappointed!

    Get back at me when you get a chance my personal email is [email protected].

    I hope to hear from you dude.

    Stay up.

    White people like the up-tight exec in your thread make me want to buy blue paint and wear a funny white hat!
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