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I love meeting people and learning about them, I also love to fantasize. Often times my brain will make up random stories and I'll find myself creating a story within and then forgetting it later. In my own honest unbiased opinion, I feel that the best lers are the ones who know how they want to play with their lee and can place themselves in their lees' place. Those lers are probably the scariest *panic* But hey, that's enough about me. Hit me up, let's chat. I'd love to learn about you. Maybe we can become friends? Always looking for someone to talk fantasies with. I also RP from time to time so feel free (I suck, saying it now) to hmu if you want to try an RP.
Sep 20, 1993 (Age: 30)
Northwestern US
'ler, 'lee or both
Favorite tickle spot:
Where am I ticklish?
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