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I've always been into tickling since I was a kid. I remember I remember my mom had a beauty shop what used to be our garage and I would tickle the feet of my mother's clients when I started school I would mostly hang out with girls because I was always interested in tickling now I would tickle my older sister's friends as I got into Middle School I joined choir and I got shit for it from my dad and my father accused me of being gay when my father asked me why was I inquire I explained to him it was to always me girls I would always have female friends every time I would move to a new town and start a new school and it was always so I can tickle them one of my main things was I dated a lot and I would always be up front with every girl I met and telling them that I would only date them if they were ticklish I've dated a handful of girls/ women who were into it when I first met my wife it was back in high school my wife when I first met her had the softest feet I've ever felt and love to tickle her especially in nylons (I love the tickle feet in nylons) we broke up for a while and I've dated other women but was always in love with my wife and we found each other again I'm a firm believer in karma and I got the biggest f*** you from Karma to where I am a father of all daughters and one thing I cannot do is I cannot tickle my daughters for some odd reason I just always felt weird doing it specially since tickling is always been a turn on for me I guess that's why it's a fetish my wife's not into tickling and she finds it weird and dumb but once in a while she will let me tickle her it just doesn't last very long because she can't stand it anymore it's more of an annoyance than playful I do believe that my youngest daughter might have the same feel for tickling as I do because every guy she dates is ticklish now if I want to tickle a girl I usually do it at strip clubs I still have female friends and my wife is okay with it because my wife knows I'll never stray away I'm on here to meet friends that is it I'm not looking for romance or anything but if you're a ticklish female cool beans

Tickling nylon feet
Jul 4, 1977 (Age: 46)
Rochester NY
'ler, 'lee or both
Favorite tickle spot:
Feet! Specially when she has nylons on.
Where am I ticklish?
In a Word
A feet tickler
Social Media
Instagram swertz89


:firedevilIF I CAN TICKLE YOUR FEET:dancingmonster:


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